Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Melinda, An Inspiration!

Friends & Family,
Melinda is now resting comfortably at Embracing Hope Hospice Care in Cumming, GA (1803 majors rd). We have been blessed these last few days to be able to spend time with her as a family. We've enjoyed each other's company and comforted one another. Everyone is becoming more at peace with what is happening.
We continue to be amazed by her fighting spirit and positive attitude. She has spent more time trying to comfort us than us her. We are truly inspired by her!

Thank you, again, for your thoughts and prayers... please know that she is comfortable and surrounded by loved ones.
God Bless!


Lisa Kato said...

I never met Melinda in person, but she has still touched my life. She had such a loving spirit and positive attitude. What a great example she has set for her beautiful daughters. I pray for strength for all of you as you help her through the last part of her journey.

Christy Wilkerson said...

I love Melinda and our family so much. I will keep in mind that God treasures the worthy. No one is more worthy than Melinda. She will rest in peace with the lord and our family members we will meet again in God's house. "fighting like a girl" is heroic! She is a true hero:) God loves her and her family loves her.

Carolyn and Gil said...

Prayers, prayers and more prayers for all of you.

Kim Lambert Benefield said...

Melinda, you are such an inspiration. I have never met someone with a kinder more generous spirit. I am praying for you, John, and your family. Love you always- Kim

meredith said...

You all will be in our prayers daily.

Meredith & Charles Curtiss

Mara McGiboney said...

Im Jans aunt-in-law and unfortunately have never met Melinda. Most of what we know is what we've learned from Jan. What a wonderful family. Melindas story has touched us deeply and we've had all of you in our thoughts and in our prayers everyday. What a wonderful example of what family is. We pray for peace and tranquility and strength for all of you.

Susan Mullinax said...

Melinda has been an inspiration to many of us. She has been one heck of a fighter. Her faith is so strong. I will continue to pray for her comfort and the families strength.
Love, Susan MUllinax

Rebeca Hixson said...


I know that everyone tells you “what a strong person” you are. Please don’t ever get tired of hearing that! You will never know what lives you have changed (including mine) with your courage, strength, love, and grace! I have not seen you since high school, but it has been my honor to follow your journey. My like has been blessed to watch your faith, courage, and humility throughout. I am a different and better person for having known you.

Now, I pray for your peace and comfort. I also pray for John’s and the girls’ peace, comfort, and understanding. You will forever be in their hearts, and in the hearts of your friends.

I can’t wait to catch up with you in Heaven and give you a big hug!

Rebecca Hixson

Pam Sherlock said...

Although I don't know you well, I've known your sweet daughter Caroline through school for many years. Your story has touched me tremendously. You and your family are in my thoughts constantly these days. You are a wonderful inspiration to all. I hope for peace and comfort for you and your beautiful family through this most difficult time.
Pam Sherlock and Family

Anonymous said...

You have touched our hearts and life with your faith and strength. We can say "God is Good - All the time" knowing that His nature is not dependent on our circumstances.

We are praying for you and your family and will continue to lift all of you up to our precious Lord and Savior....with love, linda and jim brown - Cullasaja CC

Anonymous said...

Melinda, my prayers are with you, when I found the FB comment, I came back to this blog and follow your journey since 2007. You are by far the most amazing person I have ever known. You are an inspiration to many and will forever be remember. May GOD bless you and your family. Jessica Cantillano

Anonymous said...

Dear Melinda,
Alisha told me about your blog two days ago, and I have spent all my time "catching up" with your story over the past 5 years. Though we taught French in Dahlonega together, my dreams for the past two nights revolved instread around your wedding day...where I vividly recall how your radience, grace and beauty. Why the wedding day dreams? I'm not sure, but I expect that during this time of transition, as then, you and John are again surrounded by deep, loving thoughts and prayers - though they now include your beautifyl girls. Your battle has been won, I believe, in that you have raised your children in a happy home, grounded in faith, and nurtured by your gentle, positive spirit. You are a woman we all aspire to be, Melinda, and they are so blessed to have had you as their mother. You are in our constant prayers; God bless -
Cori (Yochim) Alston & family

Anonymous said...

Knowing your family has been an inspiration to us. Our prayers will be with you.

Sheila and Dan Broughton

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that Melinda is resting comfortably and that the entire family is able to spend this precious time together. It does not surprise me that Melinda is comforting everyone else. I remember how incredibly sweet and caring she was when we both attended Sweetwater Middle School and Central Gwinnett High. Everyone knows how trying those years can be and I just remember Melinda always had a smile on her face and a sweet spirit even then. I am blessed for knowing Melinda and for that I want to say THANK-YOU! Melinda you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless and keep you close to him always! Aleatha Grass

Anonymous said...

I know that it has been several years since we have seen each other, but I wanted to let you know that I still cherish our friendship from those mornings spent talking at work. You were such a wonderful person to have in my life then, and I am sad to not have been in touch with you more since those days of Big Creek. You, your girls, and John are in my thoughts and prayers.

Heidi F