Thursday, May 3, 2012

Proud of our Girls!

Well, it has been a while since the last post and there is quite a bit that has happened.  First let me just say that we are all doing quite well and are adjusting to our new family dynamics.  The girls and I are as close as ever and we are continuing to make wonderful memories and celebrating life.  As we enter into the month of May, I am beginning the season with our wonderful Cullasaja family, anticipating the end of the school year, and gearing up for an exciting summer.

I am proud to report that both Caroline and Rachel Rose continue to excel in school and with their extra curricular activities.  Caroline continues to amaze us with so many accomplishments at a young age.  She recently had her oratorical speech selected as a finalist amongst 7 other 5th graders, an original story of hers was selected to represent the elementary school in a "young authors" competition, and she was chosen to do the lead portion for her upcoming dance recital.  Rachel Rose has also flourished.  She recently earned her orange belt in martial arts and was also given the award for "student of the month"(one of only three special awards).  She also had one of her art creations selected to represent the 1st grade at a county art exhibit at the public library.  Most importantly, both Caroline & Rachel Rose are enjoying time with family, school, friends, and simply enjoying every day.

Now on the subject of "Things that kids say", I have to share a couple of classics from the girls.  First, We were out enjoying dinner at a local restaurant and Caroline was filling out a kids word game of some kind to pass the time.  A couple of the questions asked about her favorite color and her favorite song.  She then frantically asked me "Daddy I don't know what my favorite color or song is!", "what am I going to do?"  I simply replied, "that's something you don't have to worry about or necessarily have to know."  She then firmly stated, "Daddy, when I get a little older and have to fill out the questionnaire on one of those dating websites these are the things you HAVE TO KNOW!"  Of course at that point I had nothing more to say.

Not to be outdone, Rachel Rose also found a way to render me speechless.  She found out from one of her friends that a boy that she "broke up with" in kindergarten had evidently never gotten over it and was hoping they could "get back together".  On the surface this is all so cute, but I have to tell you it gets better.  Well, Rachel Rose decided that this is a good idea and the next morning picks out her best dress and shoes so she can be ready to "ask him back".  As she walked down the stairs I noticed the shoes she chose were ones that had worn a blister the previous time she had worn them.  As she came over to the mirror to check herself out, I stood behind her and made the comment that she may want to change her shoes since those had worn a blister before.  Her reply ...... "Daddy, beauty just has to hurt sometimes"!  Oh, out of the mouthes of babes!

While adjusting to everyday life without what you have been accustom to with a mother and wife, we continue to find comfort that Melinda is always with us.  We routinely visit the cemetery and enjoy our time there.  Just to add one more quick story with that ...... I ordered the marker for the plot (which turned out beautifully), and we also decided to order a granite bench.  We decided to see if we could have the bench placed on the fence-line near the pasture and the horses.  Our hope was that we could get a bench placed near the area where the girls first saw the horses.  Now I promise you I'm not making this up but .... they first told me that they didn't believe that they had any available spots on the fence-line.  A short time later I received a call at home letting me know they had someone that removed their bench and a spot had opened up.  I went down the next morning and met a gentleman that walked me out to the area where the bench could be placed.  He showed me the area that the previous bench had been which was about 25 feet away from where the girls first pet the horses.  I went and stood where they met the horses and explained that this was where we had hoped to have a bench.  He then stated that they had to be so many feet apart and thought it might be too close to the nearest bench.  He then proceeded to walk down to the neighboring bench and step his way up the hill towards me.  Twenty paces later (the 60 foot minimum) he stopped and was standing exactly across from me.  He and I both grinned from ear to ear and he simply said, "you'll have your bench right there".  Yes, the girls will now be able to visit the horses on our special bench right where we first met the horses. 

I will be certain to share some pictures of the bench when it is finally installed.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.  God bless everyone and live every day to the fullest!