Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Melinda, An Inspiration!

Friends & Family,
Melinda is now resting comfortably at Embracing Hope Hospice Care in Cumming, GA (1803 majors rd). We have been blessed these last few days to be able to spend time with her as a family. We've enjoyed each other's company and comforted one another. Everyone is becoming more at peace with what is happening.
We continue to be amazed by her fighting spirit and positive attitude. She has spent more time trying to comfort us than us her. We are truly inspired by her!

Thank you, again, for your thoughts and prayers... please know that she is comfortable and surrounded by loved ones.
God Bless!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Dear Melinda

Dear Family & Friends of Melinda,

Our heart is heavy for Melinda as we have just learned of her latest prognosis.

The cancer has now spread well throughout her lungs and is in a state that they can neither treat nor stop its spread. Our goal as a family is to keep her as comfortable physically and spiritually as we can.

The doctors have made us aware that time is likely short and it probably best we inform all. As her/our prayer warriors, we just ask that you continue to pray.

Thank you and God Bless!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Extended Hospital Visit


Unfortunately I have to report that Melinda is still in the hospital. While we were optimistic she would return home last week, more complications surfaced. I will do my best to summarize recent events and how we are proceeding.

After receiving many of the blood products and additional meds, they were initially pleased with how she rebounded. However, the abdominal issues returned and the platelet levels plateaued. Following some consultation, they decided to go ahead and perform an upper endoscopy. The result's showed an extremely inflamed duodenum and stomach ulcers(much of the reason for the pain issues).

They are now aggressively treating all of her issues. She is receiving more platelets, meds to relieve/heal the tummy issues, breathing treatments, and she now has a PCA where she can administer her own pain medication when needed. There is some comfort in knowing that they are taking no chances and doing everything they can to make her well enough to return home. As far as when that will be is unknown. We will just pray for continual improvement and comfort for now.

Melinda and I would also like to share some of the good that has occurred over the last week. Our little one's participated in the Mashburn Elementary Talent Show. We were proud enough that they had the courage to perform, but we enjoyed watching them as well. I was able to attend and then showed the videos to Melinda shortly after. Caroline sang "Rolling in the Deep" & Rachel Rose, as the cowgirl, danced to "Born this Way". Here are the links for you viewing pleasure!, just copy and paste into your browser if necessary.


As always, we thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Our spirits are high and attitudes positive. We will do our best to keep you posted on the progress she is making.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on Melinda

Hello All!,

Melinda has had a challenging time over the last few weeks and we understand many of you are concerned. So I, John, will update you as best I can on what has been going on.

In previous posts Melinda has let you know of the new chemo regimine and radiation that she was to receive. She began her chemo and radiation treatments the first week of January. All seemed to be going well until shortly after chemo. The side effects of chemo resulted in a trip to the ER. She was made comfortable then sent home with a pain and nausea management plan. Unfortunately, after a few days of coming back home we had to rush her back to the ER as the side effects and pain worsened.

They discovered that her blood counts were extremely low so she was admitted to ICU. She's received several units of blood and platelets to help stablize the situation. She has now been moved out of ICU to a standard room and appears to be stable. She will receive two more units of blood today, and will be able to return home once her counts are back up and she is able to tolerate pain with oral medication. The good news is that she is feeling much better and is looking forward to returning home.... possibly tomorrow.

Melinda and I would also like to reassure everyone that our spirits and overall outlook are extremely positive. The professional care and plan going forward are promising to us and we look forward to conquering this disease.

We would also like to share some of the wonderful things we have experienced recently as well! Rachel Rose continues to do well in school and is having great fun with her Martial Arts. She is a joy every day and helps to keep a smile on our faces continually. Caroline is excelling in school and enjoying her dance. Most notably, she just WON her school's "Spelling Bee". We are very proud of her... not only for her win, but how she conducted herself afterward. Once she knew she had won, she immediately turned to the runner-up and gave him a "thumbs up" and reassured him that he had a lot to be proud of since he was just a fourth grader.

So, we will continue with the battle and know that good things are ahead. We cannot thank all of our Friends and Family enough for all the support and prayers.