Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Dear Melinda

Dear Family & Friends of Melinda,

Our heart is heavy for Melinda as we have just learned of her latest prognosis.

The cancer has now spread well throughout her lungs and is in a state that they can neither treat nor stop its spread. Our goal as a family is to keep her as comfortable physically and spiritually as we can.

The doctors have made us aware that time is likely short and it probably best we inform all. As her/our prayer warriors, we just ask that you continue to pray.

Thank you and God Bless!


ashleyjnc said...

I am so very sorry, I saw this on a blog I read. Your sweet family is being prayed for by many.

Anonymous said...

There are simply no words, as this news is breaking the hearts of all. You will all be in our prayers. Melinda has touched so many lives, young and old. May God bless and be with all of you!

Natalie, Richard, Blake, and Lucy Mishoe

Marianne Drenthe said...

Dear Melinda's family,

You do not know me (you may have heard Melinda speak of me after the birth of your first child). My name is Marianne Drenthe, I became acquainted with Melinda long ago on a board called HYSTER SISTERS then we off shoot and became our own internet board on Yahoo for the pph survivors.

I became a photographer soon after the birth of my daughter Lauren. My work is based on captures that highlight love & relationships. My website is linked below this message for you to see.

The reason behind my contacting you is this. I want to capture Melinda, her girls & John in a very personal, relationship style photo session. My heart aches for Melinda, John & the girls. I am absolutely without words on how sad I am about this.

I want to offer up my services, I will travel to Atlanta from Chicago, our mutual friend Paula is willing to donate some frequent flier miles. I don't know how Melinda is doing, if she can even be discharged from the hospital or if we need to set something up in hospital but I am certain that I can do SOMETHING meaningful for her, John & for the girls, something they can cherish to remember their beautiful mother by forever.

I hope that this comment is seen by someone. I also contacted John via FB. My phone number is 815-603-8450 please contact me so I can make this happen.

I am so filled with sorrow about this. It's a small thing that I can do but I hope that it provides the family with some comfort.

My site:

Much love, light & peace,
Marianne Drenthe

Joy said...

Prayers continue, for all of you.

Elizabeth said...

Melinda's family -
My heart is so heavy... I just cannot imagine what you all are going through. I am so sorry.
We love Melinda. I often say the reason Cameron LOVES school today is because he LOVED Melinda as his PreK teacher and her overall love for learning and for our children. She is an incredible mother, wife, teacher and friend.

Jan/Friends - Please let us know what we can do for the family as they concentrate on Melinda's care in the hospital. Can we swing by the house and take care of anything? Can we send food to the hospital? Do the girls need anything at all? Nothing is too big to ask, we really want to help. What can we do? My cell is 678-522-1807 and I can be reached at ANY TIME. Pelase do not hesitate to ask.
Much love,
Elizabeth Thompson

Sheila Bryson said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Sheila and Jim Bryson

Jonye Briggs said...

Deane and I have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Jonye and Deane Briggs

Renee Riddle said...

We are praying so hard for Melinda and your family. She is such an amazing person who has touched the lives of so many families. My son Zach Riddle had her for pre-k at Primrose. She taught him to love learning and showered him with love. She is such a caring person with such an open heart. Her strength and courage is inspiring. All of the Primrose mom's are praying for Melinda and if you ever need anything I hope you will contact us. We have reached out to Jan so we can send some gift cards for Publix and other food places during this time. My name is Renee and please contact me at 404 664 3715 if you need ANYTHING or have Jan get word to Amy, Alecia, or Beth and we will help in any way we can. God Bless all of you.

The Knights said...

Dear Melinda, John, Caroline and Rachel Rose –

Words cannot express how deeply saddened we are by hearing the news – we are praying for peace and comfort for your family.

Melinda was Natalie’s pre-K teacher at Primrose and our girls take Taekwondo together. Melinda is such a kind person and we are very honored to call her our friend. Please tell her hello from us and that our thoughts and prayers are with her and all of you.

Please, please call if we can help out in anyway – no matter how large or small. My cell is 678.595.2935 (Nikki). If Rachel Rose is up to it – we would love to pick her up for TWD class – anytime (we have been going to class Wed/Fri at 6:15 pm). It might help to lift her spirits. Again, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Steve, Nikki, Ella & Natalie Knight

Scott Perry said...

God Bless