Saturday, January 29, 2011

And now . . . PNEUMONIA!

I've gotten through shingles and cyberknife, got back to work, thought I was on the mend. Now, pneumonia! After feeling progressively worse over the last few weeks, I finally went to my primary dr last Monday. My symptoms were a dry, hacky cough, extreme fatigue, and upset stomach. He did a chest x-ray and didn't like what he saw and wanted me to show it to my oncologist on Wednesday. Dr. S wasn't able to view it, but did have my blood test results. My CA125 is up to 59. Worst case scenario - the cancer is in my lungs. He is going to do a PET scan at the beginning of February (next week).

BUT THEN . . . I got a message from my primary and he said the radiologist looked at my chest x-ray and said I have pneumonia. I actually was relieved because that would explain all my symptoms, even the high CA125. So, now I'm on a steroid and antibiotic and go back in 10 days. Dr. S will probably want to wait until this is cleared up before doing the PET. I hope it's soon . . . and I hope it turns out clear!

I am trying to take it easy and trying to take care of myself. I'm realizing how susceptible I am to catching all this stuff, and I'm trying to be smart about it. Health first!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cyberknife done, shingles still lingering

So I did have the cyberknife done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday's treatment got cut short because I began vomiting everywhere. Yeah, nice. We weren't sure if it was from the shingles, the meds, or the radiation to my stomach. Whatever it was, it was not pleasant. I had to leave in a hospital gown and with a big bowl. I threw up consistently for an hour and a half. Not a fun ride home. The next day I didn't eat beforehand, skipped the anti-viral meds, and instead took an anti-nausea. Everything went fine. Just long and boring. My arms got stiff and sore since I had to lie with them crossed in front for the 2 hour treatment. Then on Thursday, it was fine again, just longer since they had to tack on the missed portion from the first day. But I am done with cyberknife!

I still feel yucky from the shingles, but I'm still taking the anti-nausea pills and the painkillers. I sure hope it gets over with soon!

Will wait a few weeks before getting scanned and tested. Til then, just hanging in there. Happy New Year!