Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cyberknife done, shingles still lingering

So I did have the cyberknife done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday's treatment got cut short because I began vomiting everywhere. Yeah, nice. We weren't sure if it was from the shingles, the meds, or the radiation to my stomach. Whatever it was, it was not pleasant. I had to leave in a hospital gown and with a big bowl. I threw up consistently for an hour and a half. Not a fun ride home. The next day I didn't eat beforehand, skipped the anti-viral meds, and instead took an anti-nausea. Everything went fine. Just long and boring. My arms got stiff and sore since I had to lie with them crossed in front for the 2 hour treatment. Then on Thursday, it was fine again, just longer since they had to tack on the missed portion from the first day. But I am done with cyberknife!

I still feel yucky from the shingles, but I'm still taking the anti-nausea pills and the painkillers. I sure hope it gets over with soon!

Will wait a few weeks before getting scanned and tested. Til then, just hanging in there. Happy New Year!


DJ said...

Well, Everyone I know is praying that this did the trick. I'm so sorry you've had to go through the shingles. Daddy says it's awful. But, it will go away, hopefully sooner than later. You are one amazing woman, my friend. You will never know how much your spunk is helping our other friend with OC. You are her inspiration to keep fighting! I love you.

Olivia said...

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