Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steroids and another sleepless night

Well, I did go to sleep around 1:00 with medication. But woke at 4am. Oh well, better 3 hours than nothing. My treatment yesterday was uneventful and quick, just the way I like them! I'm doing really well. Right now my biggest complaints are heartburn (could be caused by the tumor dying off), nose irritation (caused by the Avastin), headache from the burning sinuses, and my normal body aches and pains. It's all able to be managed with medication, so I'm good with it all!

The big news is . . . (drumroll) . . . my CA125 has dropped again. It is now 64.3 - that's about 30 more points from last time. If I keep this trend up, I should be down to normal by next month. YeeHaww!!! And I'm only halfway through with treatments. As much as I would love to be done already, I'm anxious to see how low I can go. I would love to see it get down to 6 or 7 which is what it was when I was cancer-free. Will keep praying and believing! God is looking out for me!

Mom is doing better. I don't think I mentioned that she got a blood clot in her chest, in her superior vena cava to be exact. That is the artery that carries blood to the heart. Pretty scary!! It was discovered when she had severe swelling in her face, neck, and arms. Then she started almost passing out. When she saw her dr, he immediately suspected a blood clot and sent her straight away to the hospital. The clot was caused by the port in her chest. She had to have it taken out and began blood thinner treatment. Her swelling is much better now after a couple of weeks, but she still doesn't feel great. That could be because Jan and I dragged her to the beach with us right after her port removal and probably wore her out! We really thought it would help her feelings. The trip had been planned for months and couldn't be postponed since they were all booked up. Plus, it was the only week I could go in between my chemo treatments. And it happened to be a weekend that Jan had Tyler and Ansley. Sooo, we went. It really was a great trip - wonderful weather, great condo, the kids had a blast in the ocean, and go-karting, and of course, the food was delicious. We were at Fort Walton Beach, just next to Destin. The gulf beaches are just beautiful! I'll try to post some pix soon.

Then, on Sunday we went down to visit our family in Milledgeville. Being the first Father's Day after Uncle Bob's death, it was bittersweet. But it was wonderful to see everybody in good times - swimming, horseshoes, cookout, yummy desserts, and just being together! We love you all, and miss you already!

John is back up to work already. It's his kids' golf camp. Caroline and Ansley are participating and Tyler and his friend Patrick have gone to help. Rachel Rose is too young so she had a sleepover with Aunt Jan, her "favorite person in the world" at the moment although John and I are just a "speck away"! That's what we get for letting Jan spoil her rotten!!! I'm planning to take her up this afternoon after my neupogen shot. We have been offered the use of a member's house! Can you believe how generous they are in Cullasaja?? It will be nice to have more room with the girls and their cousins. Not to mention the fancy schmancy accomodations!!!! Now who's being spoiled!