Monday, September 1, 2008

We finally got our boy!

No longer a family of only little girls! We got our boy!

Of course he’s a dog, but whatever!

JoJo is his name and he became a part of our family a week ago. He was a stray that a lady picked up in a Rite-Aid parking lot. She asked the store clerks if they knew anything about him and they said he’d come from an apartment complex across the street. Apparently, someone’s lea
se came up and they moved on without their dog. I found him through craigslist (my new addiction!). The lady couldn’t keep him and was looking for his owner or someone to adopt him. I saw his picture and his little face “spoke to me”. We weren’t even looking to get a dog. We still have Chloe, my 16-year old cat, who is queen bee in our house. But little JoJo just clicked and I knew we had to have him. I named him JoJo from the ad photo. His ears are so big, he made me think of a baby kangaroo! John gave his okay (he was really pretty excited about him) and I went to pick him up with my nephew, Tyler. I didn’t want to say anything to the girls until it was a done deal. The minute I saw him, there was no question he was my baby boy. He cuddled right up to me and gave me kisses, he loves his mama! Then the ride home was my labor and delivery! He threw up three times!! I dropped him off at my house, then went to pick up the girls from mom’s. When we got home, they were watching TV and I snuck down to the basement to bring him up. The girls were shocked and thrilled. Caroline kept asking, “We got a dog?! We got a dog?!!” and Rachel Rose can’t leave him alone, I think he’s the only one who can keep up with her energy level!
The vet says he’s healthy and is probably about 12 weeks old. I was surprised because I thought he was at least 6 months old! But he still has his puppy teeth and he still squats to go potty. Training is coming along pretty well, he’s a smart little guy. He actually went to NC with us for Labor Day weekend (and only threw up once on the ride home) and he didn’t have a single accident in the house. Good boy!! Here at home we have a fenced yard, so he’s able to go whenever he needs to. He has been inside to meet Chloe . . . not exactly quick friends, let’s just say. She didn’t scratch him, just a few hisses. Thankfully, he kept his distance and left her alone. Smart dog! I’m thinking they will eventually develop a mutual respect and keep to their own space in the house.
So come visit us sometime and meet our new addition! A little more furry than an infant, but just as sweet!!!