Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meal calendar update

Since the chemo is treating me pretty well and I'm not having as much down time as before, I've redone the meal calendar. Now the only days I would appreciate dinner is on my treatment days. I went ahead and filled it out til the end and it looks like I will be done by August 29! Prayers that it will be the real end of it all!!!

For those of you who have already brought dinners, I wish I could repay you somehow. You can't know how much it is appreciated. Whether it was an actual meal, or a gift card, you have been a lifesaver! I wish I could thank you enough!! Just know, that I will be sending a special prayer of recommendation for a VIP spot in heaven for you!!

And the cleaners came! Some very special parents of my students gave me a gift certificate for cleaning. But I've been gathering stuff around the house for an upcoming yard sale (I know, not smart!) so the house has been really cluttered and I've been waiting to set up a time to have it cleaned. Well, John moved everything out to the garage so I made the call last week. Ahhhhh, it still smells lovely!!

So, yeah I'll be having a yard sale soon. I'm not rushing into it. I'm taking my time setting everything out and pricing it, so maybe we'll be ready by July! I still get really winded and don't have any stamina. But since I'm not working now, I've got the time . . . and could use the income!!!

Enjoy the day everyone!!

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Haley D. said...

Nothing like a clean house and a full belly! Good luck with your yard sale; we need to do one, but I don't have half your stamina! Continue to take good care of yourself and accept help when offered/as needed. We love you!