Thursday, May 5, 2011

Neupogen is evil

Tuesday afternoon I had to go for my neupogen shot. It keeps my white counts from bottoming out and I get it after every treatment from now on. So far it hasn't been a big deal, just a few aches that a Lortab can fix. But this time, I got the Neupogen fever. It only got up to 100.8, but I thought I was dying! My head was pounding and every time I had to cough, I thought my brains would burst through my forehead. My legs, back, chest, all hurt. Like I'd been tossed around in a car wreck. The dr. said to go to the ER if the fever got above 101, something about a chance of infection somewhere. Thank goodness, it never got that high. I'm still keeping my vow of never going back in the hospital! Finally, last night I slept really well and feel great, er, normal today. And mom brought me some watermelon yesterday, so I am HAPPY!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree! I call it Neupogen Hell. It is just that and worse. 103.5 temp tonight and my hair even hurts.
Best wishes to all who going through this.