Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's the day! Buzzzzz . . . .

Yep, I'm feelin' it - today is The Day. I'm ready. Getting the clippers out, I'll probably need scissors first, broom/dust pan. It's gonna happen Today. It is time. Hair is everywhere. Each time I touch my head, I get a handful. Gross, messy, I'm ready. Yep . . . I am redd-eee! At least, I think so . . . no, I know so! Really, it's time. I mean, it's gonna happen no matter what. I can shave it or let it sprinkle out all over my house. Even if I do have the length still in the back. The top is sick-looking. It needs to be done, it is time. I'm almost sure I am ready. I could let it go another few days, maybe a week. I can still wear a hat to cover the top and the bottom looks like my hair is still normal. With a hat, I don't look like a cancer patient. Just a chick having a bad hair day. I could still be me for a few more days . . . . . but, (deep breath) I gotta do it. At some point, I will be bald, no way around it. Do I begin bald today? Am I really, really ready? Maybe tomorrow should be The Day, hmmm . . . . . I hate cancer!

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