Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still feeling good

I went back to Dr. Levitt, the rad dr, and I thought he was going to do a scan of my neck. But apparently, it was just a follow-up appt to see how the rad side effects were doing. The sore throat is MUCH better, the skin is healed just darker than before, and the eye is the same. He said I may be stuck with the wonky eye. I told him I didn't mind the not sweating part or the small pupil, it's the droopy lid that bugs me. It affects my vision on that side a little bit. He said there are procedures they can do to correct the lid like tightening the muscle or inserting weights (what? weightlifting for my eyelid? not sure about that one!). If it doesn't get any better, I'll consider doing something to fix it. What I would really like is to have a big one-time procedure with a plastic surgeon - get my eye done, my belly scar fixed, a little liposuction, tummy tuck, nose tweaked . . . would insurance pay for all that??

Dr. Levitt did mention that it is still early to see the full results of radiation. He will wait on Dr. Salmieri's scans that I'll get once chemo is done. Then he will decide if I need more radiation. I told him I appreciate the offer of more radiation, but I respectfully decline. He just laughed. No, man, I'm serious! Zap me anymore and I'll become human bacon!!

So, the plan now is to just keep on keeping on. I'll still get blood tests to monitor my CA125 and I'll still see Dr. S once a month . . . and I'll still have chemo, bleh. After 3 more treatments, 9 more weeks, I'll probably wait another couple of weeks and then have a scan to see where I'm at. Nothing to do until then except keep the faith and keep my chin up.

I'm feeling great now. Except for the fatigue and constant hair drizzle, I could forget I have cancer. Almost makes me feel guilty for accepting all the yummy dinners from everybody! Almost!

One thing I've been thinking about, and no judgments here , is getting a tattoo. Not on any obvious part of my body, just on my head. The back of my head! Being bald is such a unique opportunity, not an everyday occurrence, I'd like to commemorate it with something. Something that will show while I'm bald, but will be covered up when my hair grows back. Something that sort of displays my cancer experience while I'm having it, but then stays hidden and private when I'm done. What do you think? I'm crazy, right?! No? Thanks for not judging!

So if anyone has a suggestion of what kind of tattoo I should get, feel free to chime in. I want something small (less painful!) that is meaningful, pretty, and not a ribbon! Nothing against ribbons, I enjoy wearing them as pins and pendants and all. They are a very common symbol for cancer and I guess I just don't want my tattoo to be common. Maybe even a word or short phrase, keyword SHORT (less painful!) would be good . . . like "If you are reading this, please help me find my wig!" Ha, ha!!


Becca Lynn said...

Either "victoire" or "triomphe" - meaning YOU will have the ultimate victory over cancer and since you're Miss French Thing.

Anonymous said...

I like the tattoo idea - wish I had done that one of the times I was bald. Jan says she's shaving her head in support, maybe she'll want a tattoo. I think it's a very good idea - no suggestions, you can have that priviledge. I like Rebecca's idea - something "frenchy" would be good.

Dawn Cook said...

ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut

A woman's will is God's will

Marty said...

A tattoo is a kick-ass idea! How about "I kicked Cancer's ASS!" Just kidding! Sorry if anyone is offended with my potty mouth! One of my favorite metal guys has "Strength" tattooed on his head. You are definitely one strong woman! I'll keep thinking....

DJ said...

I just love your spirit! I agree with your other friends, something French would be awesome. I don't know any French, so I'll leave that to you and them. I'm so glad to know you are feeling well. Love you.