Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The deed is done!

So, last night we buzzed my hair. John did actually. It really was time and I really was ready. We all gathered in the bathroom and did the deed. It took a while and made a huge mess (which John cleaned up, bless his heart). I do still have stubble left. I heard that it's not a good idea to clean shave it, irritated skin or something, so we used a #1 guard. It really was thin so there's not a lot of stubble. I guess the length was hiding most of the bald spots. But it does feel fuzzy. The girls have had fun rubbing it. They took it pretty well. Both were not happy when I told them it was time to do it. I think Caroline is at the age that being embarrassed is a huge deal. She has made a few comments that I will wear a hat or scarf in public, especially at her school. And, of course, I will. Rachel Rose just said, "Oh, I hate it when Mommy has to do this!" Like it's a routine occurrence! I just hate that they have to have a sick mommy who looks like this. But then isn't it part of a Mom's duty to embarrass her kids! I think I win this award!

So, now I have to get down the bag o'scarves from the storage closet. Never thought I would have to see those again! Maybe I'll get some new ones, just so it doesn't seem like I'm repeating the past. This is a new experience, I should embrace it! Let the New Adventures of Melinda Young, Cancer Patient begin!


Marty said...

You look just as beautiful as you did with hair! Your amazing smile can light up a room! Hang in there, girl!

Julie W. said...

Looks great! Shortly, you will have a nice tattoo on the back (why not?!!) and you have a great shaped head! Keep your faith, the cancer will be gone and you won't have to do this again...unless you just want to shave a portion to see your tattoo!