Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chemo delay

Yesterday was my scheduled chemo treatment. But when I got there I was told my white blood cell counts were too low. So they gave me a Neupogen shot to help build them back up, and chemo is rescheduled for Thursday. So much for my attempt at having an ick-free weekend! It seems I'm always feeling worst on the the weekends and since John is away at work, the girls are stuck home with me not feeling like doing anything fun. I feel so bad for them. Just this morning, Caroline was saying she was sad we didn't get to go to the beach this summer. I told her I was sad, too, just as much as she was. But we didn't know I was going to get cancer and it was going to ruin everything!

Plus, I was planning to teach next week. I've been visiting the classroom to get to know the kids, and they are such sweeties! I was all prepared to work. But now, I'm not going to be feeling better in time. Maybe the week after, I can work some.

And! the Neupogen shot makes my bones hurt since it stimulates the bone marrow to make more white blood cells. My head, legs, shoulders, back, all ache. At least, Motrin works for these pains. Maybe it means that my white count is coming up and I'll be able to get the treatment on Thursday. yipppee.

And, and! John is not going to be able to come home for a week and with the ickies, I won't feel like going up to see him. Not even to meet halfway for dinner together (I tried that once with the ickies and it was terrible!). We all miss him when he's gone that long.

So, I'm feeling sorry for myself today. Not proud of it, but there it is. Maybe tomorrow I can look on the bright side.

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Ina Conley said...

You are always permitted a "Pity Party", just remember the party does end. We all still love you and I know exactly what you are feeling.