Saturday, July 31, 2010

There's a cricket in my ear

Or at least that's what it sounds like. This Cisplatin causes the side effect of ringing in the ears. Of course, I don't get the typical constant humming. I get the intermittent chirping! Very annoying. I think I'll name him "Tiny" cause he's gotta be small to fit down in there! I just hope he crawls out by morning . . .

I had treatment #6 today and I got Rosemary back as my nurse. She is so awesome, I just love her! She takes a lot of time with my arm to get a good vein. She puts on a tight tourniquet, wraps it in a warm blanket, and pats the veins several times to get them to plump up. Once again, she got it on the first try with hardly a pinch! No ports to fear when Rosemary is near! I told her about last time and the difficulty the nurse from the IV team had. I said she really should be on the IV team. I think I'll write her a letter of recommendation. As long as she can stay in the chemo department at least until I'm done!!

So now, I go back next week for the triple dose and then 2 weeks off! Woo Hoo!! I just wish the summer wasn't over so we could take off to the beach for a few days. I'm getting the guilt trip from the kids that we haven't done anything fun this summer. I try to remind them of all the full-day playdates they've had, the camps they've been to, the pool, the movies, . . . but without a beach trip they're not buying any of it. We had plans to go to the beach this summer, but then the uninvited Cancer guest came to overstay its welcome. I do feel horribly guilty about that. And about all the things I can no longer do with the kids. Every time they ask me to do something that I really don't have the energy for, I try to make a different excuse because "mommy doesn't feel good right now" is getting old! I am so angry with this disease for all its robbing me of!! My hair is very thin now, it's still relatively long, but the hairline is looking pretty scant. I know from my previous experience that once I get this triple dose, it should fall out all at once in about 2 weeks. I predict I will be buzzing it by August 27th.

At least I won't be teaching at that time. Not real happy about that, but I have to face reality. If I can't walk to the mailbox without stopping for a rest, there is no way I can endure a 6.5 hour school day with 4-year olds. I would be passed out after the first Music and Movement activity! My wonderful project director has offered to sub for me until I'm ready to come back. How lucky is that?! My best case scenario is that once I get on this every 3 weeks regimen, I'll have 2 good weeks where I can work and be off only 1 week. Then I'll be done in October and should be back to work full-time by November. It will be okay . . . but maybe I should start charging to read my blog for replacement income! How does $2 per post sound?? Ha! Ha! I'd better add some more Rachel Rose stories if I'm going to do that, her adventures are worth at least a buck!

And don't tell him I'm writing this, but please keep John in your thoughts and prayers. He's looking pretty haggard to me lately. I know he would never admit anything is bothering him, but it's completely understandable - he's got a lot on his plate!!! In addition to me dealing with "C", his older brother, Bob, who lives in Milledgeville is battling it, too. Bob was diagnosed just before me with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy and having to deal with a large tumor on his esophagus. We would appreciate prayers for Bob and his family for comfort and healing. Thank you.

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Haley D. said...

You are ALL in our prayers! Do or did your girls watch the Aristocrats movie? The dog talks about a cricket bug, so I'll be it's a cricket bug! Hopefully the new plan will help tremendously.