Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I had my appt with Dr. Salmieri this morning and got some encouraging news. My CA125 blood test is coming down. 35 and below is considered "safe." When I began treatment in June, mine was 106. It is now 81! Still not as low as it was when I finished chemo the first time, it got as low as 7. But at least it's heading in the right direction.

And Dr. S told me I could switch to the every 3 weeks regimen of chemo treatments. Hallelujah! This is the way I had chemo the first time. I had one big dose, then 3 to 4 days of yuck, then 2 weeks of feeling normal! The weekly dose I've been taking was supposed to be easier than this. But in my case it has been just the same. What usually happens is I have my treatment on Thursday and I feel okay on Friday, but then miserable for Sat, Sun, and Mon. Tuesday is when I start coming out of the yuck, and then Wednesday is fairly normal. But then it's Thursday again and it all starts over. So it's been typically 3 to 4 days of yuck, and 2 to 3 days of normal . . . I want those 2 weeks of feeling good like I had before!

So Dr. S said it would be fine to switch. The downside is the new dose at each treatment will be 3 times the strength it is now. It will last for 3 weeks until my next dose. But it's the same protocol I did before, and I tolerated it. If I can have a longer break in between, I'd rather bite the bullet and take the stronger dose.

So this means I will have my same treatment this week. Then I will begin the every 3 weeks regimen. I'll only have 4 of those and should still finish up in late October. I am praying that this is the solution to how miserable I've been feeling.

Yesterday and today have been good days. I got up yesterday and was able to sweep the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room, and do some laundry. I did lie down for a nap afterward! Then today, the girls and I went shopping for some back to school clothes. Bless their hearts, I never realized how rarely we go out shopping, they were so excited! They had to try on everything and strike poses in the fitting room mirrors - Rachel Rose has a crazy tiger growl move! And Caroline could have been making music videos! I was laughing my head off!

Tomorrow is kindergarten roundup and RR and I get to ride the REAL school bus to it! I can't believe my baby is starting school . . . Mashburn Elementary will never be the same again!


Julie W. said...

Congratulations, I know that is what you were hoping Dr. S. would say! Those couple of weeks will be great, and that puts you even closer to the end of the treatments--not in calendar days, but in days you have to spend at the infusion center! Happy to hear you and the girls had a fun day yesterday, and another one lined up for today!

DJ said...

Can't wait to hear how excited RR was! Glad to hear the news about the appointment. I know that is what you were hoping for. Love, dj

Elizabeth said...

SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT NEWS! Its only going to get better from here :-) hoping to see you next week when we bring a meal and hoping you are up to having Cameron see you too - he really misses you and cant wait to start kindegarten Monday as well. He told me this morning, "Mommy 5+3 is 8, Ms Melinda would be so proud of me!" See the impact you have, you are so important to ALL OF US!