Monday, July 26, 2010

Still not feeling great

Still not feeling great. Treatment was on Thursday and lasted a whopping 8 hours! Next to the allergic reaction, this was the worst treatment so far. My nurse didn't even want to attempt starting my IV, so she called in a more experienced nurse to do the job. After 2 sticks, she couldn't get a vein. So the "IV team" was called in. This specialized nurse tried once on the inside of my forearm, but wasn't happy with it. She then tried the back of my wrist and it worked. So after 4 sticks, they all suggested I talk to my dr about getting a port. Ick.

I do have an appointment with Dr. Salmieri on Wednesday. I have several things I plan to discuss with him. First and foremost, I want to know if there is any improvement. The radiation treatments are over and I understand that the effects can keep working for weeks afterward. But what concerns me is the lump in my neck is still there and actually feels larger than before. Can it be possible for a tumor to grow during radiation?? I don't have the neck/shoulder pain anymore. But my eye is not any better. I'm really beginning to wonder why they can't do surgery and just remove the lymph node altogether.

I also want to ask about changing the treatment regimen. This weekly schedule is killing me! In the beginning, my understanding was that the weekly treatments were supposed to be shorter and lighter. There was supposed to be little to no down time. As it is now, I have maybe 2 to 3 days a week when I feel decent. The rest of the week is either spent in the chemo chair or on my couch feeling exhausted, nauseous, and utterly sick! I am barely up and moving around before I have to go back for another dose. I am beginning to hate the infusion center, just the walk through the parking lot makes me ill now!

I have begun experiencing the neuropathy (numbness) in my hands and feet. And I've developed these small red bumps on my palms. These can develop into blisters and are just one of the side effects of chemo. My hair is falling out slowly, thank goodness. I haven't gotten to the point of wanting it buzzed yet. Also, I'm having random hot flashes and chills, don't know if that's from the chemo or the lack of hormones. I get thirsty, but the nausea makes me not want anything sweet. Unsweetened ice tea with lemon is about all I like to drink now. On a positive note, my throat is feeling some better. I'm able to eat almost anything now with just a little soreness. The burns on my neck and chest have now dried out and scabbed over. Sorry, gross, I know, but they don't hurt as bad now. But if I stretch my neck, the skin breaks and stings like crazy!

We'll see what happens after my appt on Wednesday. I did switch chemo to Friday this week, since Thursday is Rachel Rose's kindergarten orientation. At least, I should be feeling good by then. Maybe I can even get a week off of chemo this time, ahhhh . . . sounds wonderful!

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DJ said...

Oh, Melinda, I'm so sad to hear you are still feeling badly. If you need me to take the girls anywhere, just call. You know I'm home 99% of the time and it is NO trouble. Hopefully, John is home with you today and tomorrow, which will allow you uninterrupted rest. I'm a phone call and 10 minutes away. Use me.