Saturday, August 7, 2010

#7 down and 3 weeks OFF!

Today was my first triple dose treatment that will last me 3 weeks. It went without a hitch, but was very long! I arrived at 8:30 and left at 5:30, ugh! But, at least, I don't have to go back for 3 weeks, BONUS! (That's a new RR thing, too much TV) Now, I only have 3 more of these treatments and I'll be done . . . I hope. I'm beginning to get a little worried that after these treatments are over, I won't have the results Dr. S is looking for and he will decide to continue chemo a little longer . . . eww, I just gagged at the thought! Now is the time that prayers alone can make results.

I have a CT scan on my neck later this month with the radiation dr. and Dr. S will want to do his own chest scan after I'm done with chemo. I need to ask him what he is looking for to declare me back in remission - shrinking of tumors, no change in tumors, normal CA-125? My eye, which was my initial problem, has not changed at all. But it could be that the radiation permanently damaged the nerve and my eye is collateral damage. It will be a bummer if it's permanent, but we all can't be supermodel perfect, now can we? And my wonky eye actually bothers me a lot less than the turkey waddle I'm growing under my chin. And the cottage cheese rear end, and the the flabby tummy, and the . . .

So, I'm waiting to see what kind of side effects I'll have this weekend. It could be just the same, even with the triple dose - yucky on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I need to look back in my blog and read how I reacted back in '07 with this dose. I don't remember it being much worse. Knock on wood!

On a happy note, Caroline had her birthday on Thursday, she is now 9 years old! We aren't having her party until August 21 and we're combining it with RR's birthday which is August 18. So yesterday was a pretty normal day, much to the chagrin of the birthday princess! Drama was the theme . . . "I can't believe you're making me clean my room on MY BIRTHDAY!! I should get to do whatever I want on MY BIRTHDAY!! Everybody should bow down to me on MY BIRTHDAY!!" We did go out to dinner with family and she got to open her presents. Once she had gifts and cake in front of her, she was all smiles and declaring, "This is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH!!" Heaven help me when she hits the teen years, I can't imagine it getting worse!

School starts on Monday! The girls are ultra-excited! It's going to be a great year, I just know it!!

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Elizabeth said...

You sound so great in this entry! I am so happy you get to have a break between treatments as well. Are you feeling like you will be able to teach at Primrose or is the plan to wait until October when all of the treatments are over?
Is there anything special I can bring you this week when i bring you and the girls Cheesy Chicken Roll Ups? YUM! I hope you all like them.
I wanted to pass on some words of wisdom my Mom has said to me over the years - and yes there are two of them :-) "Thought are things" so positive thoughts will lead to positive results, dont even say it outloud to put it out there in the universe, that's all Satan needs to latch on - figure out where your insecurities are. Talk abou tthe gift of ehaling and how great GOD's healing powers are :-) Easy for me to say right? Im not going through this....anyway - #2 "Faith and fear can't live in the same heart, you have to chose one" So if you have God in your heart, Satan cant be there - just a few things from my Mom that help guide me everyday.
Our family is praying and we KNOW that GOD will answer our prayers.

PS Cameron starts school on Monday too - he wanted to know if Mrs Melinda would be there - oh and Mr Jason too - :-)