Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer update

First of all, mom is doing much better. She is walking with only a cane now, but still has pain in her hip. Of course, with her other pains I think it gets all lumped together :-( We actually went to Fort Walton Beach this past week and she was able to get down to the ocean a couple of times. I even got some pictures of her trying to help the kids make a sandcastle!! Can you believe it?! I'm thinking we can use the photos later during the commitment procedures when we decide to put her away!!!! LOL
And I am doing great! Haven't lost any more weight, but I'll try to get back on that wagon after school starts. Summertime is not the best for dieting and exercise . . . too HOT! My hair is still coming in S . . L . . O . . W . . L . . Y . . .! I've changed the color a couple times because it was coming in so dull and dreary. And I'll probaby change it a couple more before it's over with. I go for my 6-month CT scan in a couple weeks and I'll post those results when I get them. Say a prayer for me!
But the reason I decided to post a message now is TODAY IS CAROLINE'S BIRTHDAY! She is seven years old . . . gosh, when I think back seven years today, I must admit, it's not the happiest day of my life. As many of you know, it was during her birth that I had to have an emergency c-section and then hemorrhaged. They had to remove my uterus to stop the bleeding, but I was able to keep my ovaries. She was a gorgeous baby with perfect skin and jet black hair, but she had the worst cone head you've ever seen! See, she was stuck and I pushed for 2 hours before they called the c-section. So her little head got molded into a point! My little pencil baby! But she's perfect now . . . and every day since then has truly been the happiest day of my life. Happy Birthday, Caroline! I love you!!!

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HaleyD said...

Happy birthday, sweet princess!!!! You have always been your mama's darling!