Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom broke her hip . . . WHAT NEXT?!

Mom broke her hip Friday night. We were getting ready for the garage sale on Saturday and she was walking with a couple knick-knacks in her hands. She tripped over a roll of landscape fabric and fell square on her left hip hard against the concrete. I got to her right away, but she could not move at all. The pain was terrible. I helped her support herself and Caroline went to get the phone. I called 911 and they came very quickly. She was taken to Northside Forsyth hospital here next to my neighborhood and was admitted with a broken hip. She had surgery on Saturday (garage sale was cancelled) and is doing better today. They did not have to do an entire hip replacement. They just inserted 3 screws to connect the ball joint. Physical therapy came today, Sunday, and got her up out of bed. She walked a few steps and sat down. I think she's going to be okay, but it was an awful scare! Depending on her recovery, she may go to a sub-acute rehabilitation center or back home. She will need someone with her for a while. Her spirits are good, but she is getting fed up with her bad luck! We think she needs to start playing the lottery because once her luck turns, she's in for a windfall!! I'll update as her recovery progresses. Thanks for all the well wishes!

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HaleyD said...

Oh no! Please give her a (gentle) hug from me and tell her I'm praying for a speedy (& uneventful) recovery!