Monday, March 3, 2008

Still okay

Just a quick post to say I saw my oncologist today. He confirmed the all-clear results from my CT scan. Have to say I was a little afraid of a bad surprise today. You know they told me after my original cyst was removed that everything was benign, then at my follow-up dr visit he told me that cancer showed up after the pathology came back. I felt like I was back in the 80's and getting the "Sike!" But no, it's all still okay. He did say the highest chance of recurrences statistically happens within the first year after treatment. So, I will continue to see him monthly for check-ups. At six months, I'll have another scan and if it's clean, then I will see him every two months. And so on and so on. I feel pretty good that I will be getting monitored so closely. Better than the average person who could be walking around with a cancer timebomb unknowingly growing in their body. But, at the same time, it would be nice to go back to my life pre-"C". Carefree, oblivious, and with hormones!!! (I'm seeing the hormone dr on Wednesday).

I remember just before I got diagnosed, I had this view of the population as split between those who get cancer and those who don't. And I took it for granted that I would be in the "not cancer" group because it seemed like such an unlikely thing to happen to a normal person like me. Wooops! Now I see cancer as a much more common occurrence. So MANY people are getting cancer. A lot of them, thankfully, are like me and find it early and undergo successful treatment. And a lot are like my mom who deal with it as a chronic but treatable condition. And this way, it's not quite so scary anymore, it's not the "death sentence" it used to be thought of. It's just a part of life in 2008. An evil part, of course! I just pray that a cure or vaccine will be found soon so that my girls don't have to even worry about it!


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Did you say "normal" person?? Just couldn't let that one slip by. I share some of your genes honey child and have known you since before I can remember - normal? Wonderful, awesome, creative, loving, witty, brave, talented - gosh I could go on and on but "normal???" - come on give yourself credit. You've never fit into that demographic Melinda - you are way, way above that! You come from a family of EXTRAORDINARY women (present company excluded mostly) and you're a step ahead of all of us!
I love you bunches and bunches!