Saturday, March 1, 2008

The results are in . . .

Got the call yesterday . . . scan results are GOOD! Her exact words were "unremarkable." And that's a good thing. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a plain ole unremarkable belly. Maybe a little flabby and jiggly, but nothing cancerous. WWHHEEEWWWWW!!!!! I will see the dr on Monday for my follow-up and I'm hoping he releases me for at least 6 months. He will probably mention the scar revision surgery, since I now have 2 areas that continually open up, drain, scab over, then open up again. Pretty yucky! But I've decided to wait at least 4-6 months before doing anything about it. Give the chemo the most time to completely leave my system and give me a chance to lose 25 pounds. Yep, I started today with my diet and exercise plan! I'm doing "Body for Life" after John's dr recommended it to him for getting in shape. John is following it too, though not as closely as I will. I've got my daily meals planned out, my exercise regime organized, I even have a notebook to keep me on track! Anal-retentive, that's me! I'm hoping to lose some weight, but mainly I just want to get healthy again. The hormone thing makes me crazy most of the time with hot flashes, night sweats, and torturous ITCHING. I've scratched so hard in places that I have bruises! Exercise and eating right will probably help those issues. Plus, I am going to see a dr who specializes in hormone replacement next week. Maybe he will get them sorted out for me.

So that's it!!! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. Through God, all things are possible - AMEN!!! I will post next after my drs appointments. I feel like this journey is over in some ways, but until my calendar is empty of dr appointments, I won't feel totally free!

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Timestep said...

This is wonderful! I was hoping you'd have an update.

Now, if you ever find recipes/meals you really like - feel free to post them.