Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yuckies are over, whew!!!

I'm finally feeling better. Boy, this last round was a humdinger! I actually vomited!!! Three times!!! I know, I know, for most people it's not a big deal. But I avoid at all costs allowing myself to upchuck. I'll eat crackers, use a cold cloth, lock my lips, whatever it takes. But this time there was no way it was not going to happen. I was sick, sick, sick! Secretly, I think they give you an extra dose on your last treatment for good measure and this was the case with me. Just to make sure the microscopic stinkers are totally gone for good. Well, I guess I'll take it if it means I will never have to be hooked up that chemo poison again. Blehhhhhhh! It is evil stuff.

My CT scan is still on for the 28th. I tried to move it sooner, but they wouldn't let me. Then I see the dr on March 3rd. Please pray for a clean bill of health! In case you are curious like me, I looked back and found the date of my initial gyn checkup that started off this awful chain of events. It was June 26, 2007. That's when the cyst was found. It was removed on August 21, then I was told there was cancer on August 28. My big surgery was on September 19 and chemo began on October 15. Maybe by this next June my hair will be back and I'll be back to normal.

I'll post next with my final results. Please keep praying for me. I don't like to ask God for specific things. Usually, I just pray for peace and strength to handle what His will brings. But this time I have a certain outcome that I'm asking for - HEALTH!!! I hope He doesn't mind just this once! :-)


HaleyD said...

You've got my prayers, love, and support!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alisha said...

Praying Praying Praying Love you girl!