Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I only thought I was smart! But it took me this long to put two and two together and realize the itching I've been having for months is HIVES! Ever since my surgery when my ovaries were removed and I was thrust into menopause Hades, I've been having itching episodes. Horrible, drive me up the wall, scratch til I bleed itching. All over - my arms, legs, hands, feet, back, stomach. It's awful when it happens. Thankfully, it only lasts from 30-45 minutes. But I just scratch and scratch, sometimes I get in the tub with Aveeno, then slather on lotion til I'm more slippery than soap! I've tried anti-itch cream, but it's no good. It wasn't until today that I noticed the scratching made welts all over the area that I got the idea it might be hives. And when I googled it (don't you just love that expression!), sure enough that's what I've got!!! Now the question is, what am I reacting to? Hives is always from an allergic reaction to something. I took an antihistamine this afternoon after a lovely spell of frantic clawing at my legs and I think it helped. I still think it's from a hormone imbalance because I haven't changed anything I've eaten, done laundry with, or anything I can think of. It all started the moment my ovaries came out and I began hormone replacement. I'm going to start keeping an "itch journal" to see if I can figure out what triggers the episodes. In the meantime, I am going to begin natural hormones that the wonderful hormone doctor gave me today. After 4 weeks, he'll do some blood tests to check my levels and then tweak my dosages if he needs to. Hopefully, I will get everything back to somewhat normal, at least a liveable normal!

And on the topic of "C", did you hear that Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?! I'm telling you, EVERYone is getting it! I'm convinced it's coming from the environment - there's gotta be something that we're eating, breathing, something is out there that is making it more prevalent. I've heard of all these diets and vegetarian lifestyles that are supposed to prevent cancer, maybe there's something to it all, maybe eating all natural foods is going to prove to be The Cure . . . just in case, I'll be having a salad for dinner! :-)


HaleyD said...

Hope the itching is under control!

Sandy & Dick said...

So does Haley's mommie!

Sandy B