Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter!

The itching has gotten some better. I've been taking antihistamines every few days and the flare-ups are fewer and far between. Mom actually is convinced it's not hives, but instead it's shingles. I've never had shingles before and from what I understand shingles begins with a rash that doesn't go away but makes blisters. My episodes begin with itching, then welts, no blisters yet. I'm planning to talk to my doctor about it when I go in a couple of weeks. It's not so bad anymore and definitely manageable. I've read about menopause hives and I really do think it's just a hormone thing.

My diet is going very well and I've actually lost a pound or two. Better than that, my clothes fit looser - woohoo!!! I might even attempt a bikini this summer. My goal is in 3 months when my hair is long enough to go without a hat or scarf, I'll be at my ideal weight. I'd like to plan a day of getting my hair styled in a new short 'do and then go shopping for a tiny new outfit . . . and actually be able to wear it!!!

For Spring Break we'll be in and out of town all week, spending some time with John up in the mountains. He started back the first of March and has had weekends off this month, then beginning in April he'll be back to working six days a week. Now that I am back to my old self, he should be able to work as much as he needs to. And with me staying home this year, he's got more flexibilty. I would like to find something part-time for next year, but Rachel Rose still has one more year of preschool and it's tough to find a job to fit her schedule. Maybe just one more year of staying home . . . it's not like I'm hating it, to tell the truth!!!

Hope you all had a nice Easter!

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