Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad mammogram scare!

Last week I had my regular mammogram screening. Wouldn't you know, it showed something suspicious! Of course, given my history, I freaked out a little bit. I called every doctor I was seeing to ask if it could be cancer. And can you believe, not one of them was willing to confirm or deny a cancer diagnosis! They all said I needed an ultrasound. So I got one scheduled and I just came back from it. Good news, it's not cancer! I have several lumpy bumps that are just plain ole cysts. And cysts cannot be cancer, ever, not even if they grow and change. A cyst is a cyst, not a malignant tumor. Of course I asked how could they be sure, didn't they know that I was already being treated for a form of cancer and I had a long history of breast cancer in my family. She explained that a cyst is smooth like a marble and a malignancy would look more like a hairy blob. I looked over at the screen and all my lumpy bumps were perfectly smooth. Okay, I was convinced. They don't even want me to come for a follow-up in 6 months. I can go back to my regular yearly screening. Wheeeewwww! Now I can just focus on my last chemo treatment and getting through the yuckies that always follow. And then I'll have some scans done to make sure there is no leftover cancer in my belly (or anywhere else). Then, maybe, just maybe I'll be done! I'm actually beginning to get a glimpse of my old life back . . . no more needle pricks, no more misery on the couch, no more scarves(!!!!!!), no more drawing on eyebrows, no more dripping nose (without nose hairs your nose runs out of control), and no more doctor bills!!!! No, I shouldn't say that . . . it's going to take us forever to pay off all these bills!

So think of me on Thursday (Valentine's Day) as I'm sitting in the chemo chair for the last time, hopefully EVER! I'll have that orange tiger stuffed animal with me and I'll be saying my goodbye's. Goodbye and farewell, chemo patient, take care of yourself so that I never have to see you again!!!


Angie said...

Dear Melinda,

I'll cheer for you on Valentine's Day! Been there, done that!
Hi, I'm Angie or Angelina Fast-Vlaar. I'm a 10 year survivor from stage 3 colon cancer. I noticed my poem about losing hair "Glory for Jane" that someone sent to you the day your hair began to fall out.
My story is chronicled in The Valley of Cancer: A Journey of Comfort and Hope. It's just being reprinted now so I don't have a copy to send you. You can catch a glimpse of evrything on
I'm so happy for you!


Dee said...

You go Tiger Girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

Hi Melinda, I just had an abnormal mammo. Of-course have to go back and do more tests.I keep saying out loud that I know it's nothing,but I'm a little anxious. I've seen so many people sick and miserable-I just want to take my teen to Europe and skip the sick part-if God-forbid I have a hairy blob. I don't know how to think about it all- I know I should just chill and see what it is. But, it seems like I'm distracted and I think it's just stuck in my head. Any advise? Take the kid to Europe or hang out with treatments if it comes to that?
I've had fairly bad health for a long time and really do all I can to have a good quality of life. I know I'm rambling I just don't know how to approach these thoughts mentally.- Angela

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