Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back from DISNEY!

We are back from our Disney trip and I have to say it was WONDERFUL!!! We had such a great time we are already planning a trip back. I've got the pictures uploaded to Picasa and you can go there to see them all.
You can also click on this video to see the girls on the Teacup ride! Rachel Rose was such a lightweight!

The girls and I flew down early on Friday. We had sent all our luggage with John in the car on Tuesday. So all we had was a carry-on backpack. On the plane, I explained to them that we had to keep our seat belts on until the pilot told us it was okay to get up. I explained that the pilot was up front driving the plane and he was like the boss. Apparently, Rachel Rose misunderstood because a few minutes later she said she was scared. I thought she might be scared of take-off so I started to reassure her. But then she said, "I'm scared of the pirate!" It took me a moment to realize she had heard "pirate" instead of "pilot"! Well, sure, I'd be scared too if I thought a pirate had seized the plane!

Just minutes after takeoff, which was pretty cool to watch the girls experiencing their first takeoff, Caroline turned to me and said, "This is boring!" Well, honey, this is flying. And this is why I packed every known handheld activity I could find!!!

Rachel Rose had to use the potty during the flight, so I took her to the back of the tiny plane where the toilet was. After asking a passenger to shift over, we were able to open the door - tiny plane! As soon as she looked inside she shouted, "Yuck, I don't want to go in there!" Totally embarrassed, I shoved her in and closed the door. New experiences aren't always pleasant. Between the pirate in the front of the plane and the nasty potty in the back, I don't think Rachel Rose was impressed with air travel!

We finally landed, got on a shuttle and made it to the hotel. We had a calm dinner and went to bed early that first night. The next day we went to a hands-on discovery-type kids' museum that was really cool. Then after John got finished at the show we went to Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.
It's like a shopping mall with fun activities. It was there that we got our first taste of the enormity of what is DISNEY!!! You could burn through quite a bit of cash in a very short time at this place! The girls wanted to ride the carousel and I saw that it was $2. Okay, not too bad. Then I overheard a couple dads behind me comment, "Are you sure that's not per revolution!!" Yeah, I could see parents throwing kids off as it spun around because they only bought one revolution! "Jump, Timmy, jump! Mommy doesn't have any more cash!"

That night a cold front came through, so the next day - our Magic Kingdom day - was a little chilly. We packed sweaters and coats and headed off anyway. What a magical, wonderful, amazing place! I was surprised at how caught up I became in it all. It truly turns you into a kid again. Caroline kept commenting on how it was the place where dreams come true, she truly believed it! And Rachel Rose just kept saying, "I like it here!"

One funny thing happened at the Monsters, Inc. Laugh floor. It was a comedy show where they would show audience members up on this big screen. Well, they told the story of Monsters, Inc. the movie and guess who they showed up on the big screen as Boo . . . yep, Rachel Rose! With her new haircut she was a dead ringer and she was so cute! The whole point of the show was to fill up the "laugh meter", this fake cannister with metered lights on it. Well, Caroline thought it was real, so she was giving her best effort to put out the laughs. At every joke, she would force out this loud cackle then comment on how the meter was moving up! People were turning and staring. I was pulling my hat over my face.

We took the girls on the Pirates of the Caribbean. We had no idea what it was going to be like and it turned out to be a little scary for the girls. Afterward, I asked Rachel Rose if she liked it and she told me, "No, it was for big kids. You should not take me there!" It's bad when your 3-year old is critiquing your parenting skills.

Overall, we all had a fabulous time. Even if the temperature in the car read 46 degrees when we rode home. We are ready to go back and definitely stay longer. But we'll have to build up some funds before that happens. Disney is a rare treat that can't happen too often. But it is worth every penny!

Oh, about the chemo stuff. I had my 5th treatment today, it went okay, I'm still feeling good. Just one more to go. Hopefully, I'll get it on Feb. 14 if I don't have another blood count delay. Then I'll be DONE!!!

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HaleyD said...

Sounds like a wonderful whirlwind of a trip! Hopefully you brought some of the Disney magic back home with you too. The pictures are great! It's so exciting to know that you only have one more round to go!!!!! Hope you're feeling okay and enjoying the memories from the weekend.