Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality Break

"Melinda, you just finished your 4th chemo, what are your plans now?"
"I'm going to Disney World!"

Literally, we are going this weekend. Since John is already in Orlando for the PGA Show, the girls and I are going to join him for the long MLK weekend. He drove down on Tuesday, we're flying one way on Friday, then we'll all drive back together on Monday (insert eye roll here). We have plans to go to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be good for that day, just chilly. We are all so excited! None of us has ever been to Disney World, so we've all turned into giddy, bouncy balls of excitement! And I didn't think my kids could get any bouncier!

I know most people plan trips to Disney months, even years, in advance. Well, we planned everything last weekend. The chemo nurses okayed my next treatment for the week we get back, so we rushed around and made all the arrangements as best we could. It won't be an extravagant trip (I actually pre-bought "souvenirs" at Target to save money), but it will be fun. A nice break from reality for all of us. We need it!

It's funny to see it snowing and sleeting tonight knowing that we will be in 70 degree weather this weekend! I took some photos of the girls tonight playing in the snow. Rachel Rose got to make her very first snowball, she was so happy. And Caroline would've stayed out until she was frostbitten if I hadn't forced them inside. But I had to let them play, it's been so long since we've had such a pretty snow! Hope y'all got a chance to enjoy it!


HaleyD said...

You will LOVE the Magic Kingdom! It is truly the happiest place on Earth. I am soo glad you are all going! Have a blast and take lots of pictures. (We also want to see some pix of you as a hot redhead.) We are so thankful that you are doing so well on this roller coaster of life.


Timestep said...

I started to read your post, then started laughing in my head because I forgot John was in the golf world. When I called my sister Tues to remind her it was Syd's b-day she was helping my BIL pack to go to the PGA show.

The pics of the girls are just wonderful!