Monday, November 5, 2007

Rebecca CAN COOK!

Yep, you heard it right - Rebecca is an awesome cook! Yesterday, she and Willie Grace came over with a smorgasbord of food. I was ready to call the family and have Thanksgiving dinner early! Seriously, she brought pans and pans of food - they filled up my whole counter. And they are delicious! I knew her mom was a good cook, I guess the genes got passed down. I'm not going to tell you any of the dishes she brought because I plan to freeze some of them and bring them to Thanksgiving as my own creations! Promise not to tell, okay Becca?!

Well, today was treatment #2 - 4 more to go! This one was better because I was able to relax and nap a little. The Benadryl dose was a little less. If you remember, it was the drug that made me jittery and not able to sit still the entire time. I was miserable that first time. So today, I took a Xanax (anti-anxiety medicine) beforehand to ward off the effects. But the jitters began to start up a little in my legs, so I took another Xanax. Suffice it to say, I was knocked out within ten minutes. And it was much so better! The time went by pretty fast even though I was the last patient in the room when John and the girls came to pick me up. For the last half hour I had been talking to one of the chemo nurses and telling her basically my whole life story. She kept telling me I should write a book! I told her I would if the traumas would ever lighten up to give me enough time! It's always something with my family! Just as I was telling her the part of the surrogacy and how my sister carried my second daughter for us, Rachel Rose bounds into the room. "And there she is!" I said. Of course she had to show off. We got to see her new "angry dance" which is basically an Austin Powers move where she turns around fast and points both fingers at you with a scowl on her face. The nurse was very entertained. Yeah, baby!

Oh yes, before I forget to say - I did shave my head. I used a #1 guard on the clippers so I do have a little fuzz left - I was afraid of a real razor. I'm not that good on my legs and they are straight. Who knows how bad I would cut up a round surface! But even the fuzz is beginning to fall off. Before long I will be completely slick-headed. I really don't mind the hair loss thing. It's kinda cool actually. But I do hate the way it screams CANCER PATIENT!! People take one look and the pity starts. At McDonald's the other night I had to go back up to the counter for some more ketchup and you know how you hate to break in front of people standing in line? Well, let me tell you - a bald head is a ticket to the front of the line! I guess they think, "She won't have much time left to enjoy those extra ketchup packets, I'll let her have my place in line (pity pity)". I'm thinking of getting some tattoos on my scalp. They won't show once my hair grows back. And this way, for now I can at least be regarded as a skinhead or a convict instead of a chemo victim. We'll see how fast they let me through to the front then! Ha, ha!


Alisha said...

Oh my gosh Melinda you are a trip! :) I'm really happy to hear that your treatment went better this itme. I would LOVE to see how BIG your eyes are with no hair. I bet you are all eyes and lips :) I'm sure you look just as beautiful as ever. I somehow can't see you with a tattoo'd head though...hmm...maybe you SHOULD go for it! That would probably end the pity looks for sure! LOL HUGS girl! Your girlies were cute cute cute for Halloween!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

You are too funny!!!

Becca Lynn said...

Your secret is safe with me . . . guess what I found when we got back to my car at Free Home? The mac & cheese of course. Only I could loose a pound of it in my car. I gave it to Mama and of course she said it didn't have enough cheese. Can't let me get a big head you know?

I think the tattoo idea is great but I've always heard they HURT. Might as well do it now while you've got the meds!

PLEASE let me know if I can do anything. Maybe I'll come get the girls one weekend and we'll have a slumber party. I've been dying to eat at the American Girl Cafe but I can't go without a kid - wouldn't that look crazy, a single, 36-year old woman eating there alone??? No seriously - you know I love them to death and we'd have a ball. And who needs the gym with Rachel Rose around. That would be my workout for the weekend, wouldn't it?!!?

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away? 2007 is winding down, praise the Lord. What a year it has been for this family!!

Love ya!!

The Gourmet Chef (no longer known as the Ditsy Drama Queen thanks to you!)

Anonymous said...

Ok if ya really wanna tatoo your head-use henna! LOL,or even nontoxic markers.

Bald heads scream survivor!



HaleyD said...

Bald head screams TOUGH MAMA too! You might be able to find some temporary tattoos in the Halloween bags to give it a try the painless way first. I'm so glad to hear that this treatment went better. Where's your Halloween picture? The girls are adorable!

Alicia said...

Ok, you had my literally laughing out loud about the ketchup packets!! It's great to hear that this treatment went better - I hope that continues!!

Dee said...

hey ... don't knock the pity perks ... WORK IT ... Christmas is just around the corner and image what that "go to the front of the line" thing could do to speed up your shopping time!!!