Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back to the doctor

Yesterday I was back at the hospital for another CT scan of my right side. The fluid pocket had filled up again so the radiologist asked if I wanted to drain it again. I said yes, of course! I was ready for that instant relief again! So in no time I was back on the table getting the 10 inch needle inserted into my belly (thank goodness my belly is still numb!). Another 7-8 cc was drained which apparently is not a lot. At first I felt better. But then the rest of the day was spent at the pediatrician's office getting the girls' well check-ups, then rushing back home to get costumes on, then trick-or-treating all over the neighborhood. By the time I fell onto the couch, that immediate relief was gone and I was in pain again full force. So I called the dr. today and they had me come in. What's happening now is the right side of my incision has a long, swollen place just above it that's extremely tender. He said it was a seroma (pocket of fluid) that has hardened. Not much can be drained because it's no longer liquid. I just have to wait for it to be reabsorbed by my body. He did give me antiobiotics since it is red and may be infected. I'm going to call tomorrow to make sure there is nothing that can be done sooner. I cannot take this pain! I think it may be pressing on nerves because it is a very sharp, shooting sensation sometimes and even goes around to my back. Meanwhile, the left side of the incision is still open a little, but not oozing anymore. It actually feels great - and I thought it was the problem side!

As for my hair, it's a total mess! It is falling out everywhere!! Chloe and I are competing to see who can cover the couch the fastest! I think I'm going to shave it tomorrow, or have John do it. It's not showing any bald spots yet, but I have no idea how long this hair sprinkling will last. Time to bite the bullet and go for the chemo cut!
Hopefully I will find a nice wig tomorrow. I already have some hats. But then who knows, I might just pull off the bald look pretty well . . . . okay, stop laughing.


HaleyD said...

You and your mom are in my prayers! Can't wait to see pictures of Halloween and your new wig 'do. Hope you're feeling better and more like you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you will pull off that bald look just fine. I did. I had chemo 4 yrs ago. Bald was not so bad-it was just cold. (I wore scarves, doo rags and hats). I felt like a kid playing in my mom's closet when I put my wigs on. Oh-I did let my kids color on my head in nontoxic marker. They had a blast.

Must love to you-hope the pain subsides quickly,


Alisha said...

I hope you are feeling better Melinda! I know you will look beautiful with or without your wig. You always do! ;) I will keep you and your mom in our prayers. Big hugs coming your way!