Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bald is beautiful???

This second treatment has been much better. For the first week I was extremely fatigued - lying down to rest every time I reached the top of the stairs, panting like a dog when I went to pick up Rachel Rose in her classroom, and sitting in the shower! But then for the next week I was completely back to normal! I even hauled an elliptical machine up from our basement - well, Caroline did help! And then this week has been even better. Thank goodness since Thanksgiving is almost here - can't miss out on the bingeing!

I think the problem with the first treatment was that they had my weight wrong. She had me down 10 lbs heavier! They have to weigh you each time to know the correct strength of the chemo. So I kinda think they gave me a little bit of an overdose that first time. If the next treatments go like this one has I'll be happy!

And my incision is finally pain-free! It is all healed and doesn't sting or ache or anything. It's still pretty ugly - red and twisted - but I'll take ugly over painful any day!!!

I feel back to my old self except for the bald head. I could almost forget I was doing chemo if it weren't for that. Be sure to check out the pictures at the link to the left. I still have fuzz on top and all my eyebrows and eyelashes. I expect them to fall out at some point and that will really be depressing - no way to add mascara to make myself look presentable. Maybe I'll get some fake lashes.

Meanwhile, mom has been told she has to stop her chemo. It is causing severe numbness in her hands. We're not sure what her doctor is planning to do. Mom, Jan and I are all three going to meet with him tomorrow to discuss the situation and find out what we can do and what we can expect. It is a scary thing to have to deal with stage 4 cancer - it has no cure, just one treatment after the next when they stop working. We are living in constant fear of the cancer beast taking over! But my mom is one tough lady! If anybody can beat the beast, it is her! I know I've been scared of her most of my life - I wouldn't want to be her cancer right now! :-) love you, mom!

Keep her in your prayers and visit her blogsite www.caringbridge.org/visit/inaconley to stay updated.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Gobble, gobble!!


Timestep said...

You really look wonderful! I've been thinking about you alot. (reminds me, I need to call my BFF, she was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, your blog is so entertaining! I'm so proud of the way you are handling this cancer and chemo. Kinda tough, sometimes, but you're meeting the challenge like a trooper! Stay in there and let me know when I can help.
I love you bunches!

HaleyD said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You look beautiful!!