Saturday, November 24, 2007

No chemo for you!

If my life were a Seinfeld episode, this is what the "Doctor Nazi" would say! I get a call today and it appears that my blood counts are low, so I won't be getting my scheduled chemo treatment on Monday. Instead I will go for Neupogen shots on Monday and Tuesday. Chemo tends to zap your blood counts and they have these drugs to help with this. Neupogen actually works by overworking your bone marrow to make extra white blood cells. The downside is that is makes your bones HUUURRRTTT! Mom has to have three shots of Neupogen after every treatment. She actually gives them herself. I don't know how she does it. I am dreading it so bad!

I'm actually more bummed out that my schedule is getting delayed. It will be the first of February that I will finish now - IF I don't get more low counts. Can't get too used to anything on this ride! The chemo coaster changes at every turn!

Caroline asked me this morning when my brown hair would grow back. I told her not for a long time. I wish for everyone's sake this could get OVER WITH!

About my mom, we did meet with her dr last week to discuss her treatment, prognosis, etc. It was a good meeting, I thought. He is going to continue after all with her current chemo since it is still working. He said that what the cancer does is after a while on one treatment it finds a way to get around it. But in mom's case, her spots have shrunk. So her current chemo is still working. And he mentioned there are lots and lots of drugs to try after each stops working. He talked about fourth and fifth line of defense. So mom's got lots of options to run through before she's done! She actually goes tomorrow for a treatment . . . I'm jealous! :-)


Alicia said...

Sorry to hear about your delay - I'm sure you'd like to just get it over and done with. Glad to hear your mom's is going well though!

Anonymous said...

Melinda you look gorgeous bald! You wig is adorable too :) I'm so so happy that you are feeling so much better. I know you are disappointed with your delay. I hope all goes well and give your mom my love as well! HUGS.