Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeling MUCH better!

I went this morning for the fluid pocket to be drained. I guess the iliac issue was not that big a deal. Anyway, they drained about 7cc and even though the procedure was a little unpleasant, it was well worth it. I do still feel very tender and sore on my right side. But the throbbing knot of fire is gone! I actually went the entire day with no narcotics!!! Yay!!!

I am back on schedule for chemo - Monday in the morning. Hopefully, it won't set me back too much. I am finally feeling like I'm on the road to getting BETTER!!!

Probably, the biggest boost for me was the housecleaner came today! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed money to make it possible. After 2 months of recovering, I have not been able to do anything around the house. John has been keeping things picked up, but I can't remember the last time my shower smelled of cleaner. Well, today it does - the whole house does!!! Rachel Rose has apparently not smelled a clean house enough, because she came in holding her nose! We had to tell her it was a GOOD smell! It is such an amazing feeling to have a clean house. I know most of you will understand. I just feel healthier being in such a clean house! Thank you to Vicky, Sue, Kelly B., Ginny, and Haley soooooooo much!!!

And we are still eating food from other people! I have yet to cook a meal. Our freezer is full of complete meals and our fridge has plenty of yummy leftovers. Plus the gift certificates! Thank you to Lanie, Elaine C., Becky B., Willie G., Sandra, Vicky, Adela, Suzy, and my mom and sister! And Mrs. Betsy Turner from Cullasaja!

I know that having such wonderful friends and family has helped my feelings more than anything. I hope one day I can return the favor to each of you. You all are amazing!


HaleyD said...

A wonderful report today is the best thank you any of us could get!!!! I know I'm just glad to be able to help share the burden a little bit right now and be there for you from far away. :)

Lots of hugs!

Alicia said...

Wonderful news, all of it! I had to laugh about your little one holding her nose...that would totally be my kids!! I'm so glad things are looking up a bit and hope it continues!!