Monday, October 8, 2007

Chemo next week

The CT scan came back and there is a fluid pocket on my right side, about 3cm. It is very close to my iliac artery and something else dangerous, so they might not be able to do anything about it except let it resolve on its own. The dr is going to talk with the radiologist tomorrow to decide. All this means that the chemo which was scheduled for tomorrow will need to wait until next week. Since it will zap all my body's good cells, too, my healing will be slowed. And my healing can't get much slower!

And, I've run out of the packing gauze I need for my incision. And it so happens that all of the pharmacies in Cumming are out of it, too. I know - bummer!!! I think it's God's sneaky way of giving me a break with this whole packing thing. Hallelujah! One pharmacy will get in some tomorrow morning, so I'll be back to my medieval torture techniques soon enough. I hate to admit that I do think it is helping. The drainage is still gross, but not quite as goopy!

So tomorrow I should get a call about what to do about this pain in my side. Honestly, I hope they are able to drain it or do something. I can take it much longer! Plus, I am READY to move forward with all this. The sooner I get started, the sooner I can get finished!


Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Praying for a delayed gauze shipment! (kidding...sorta!) I know that must be unpleasant (to say the least!)

Is there a time of day that's better to stop by and check in on you?


Alicia said...

Anything for a little break with the packing, huh? I hope they're able to do something for the pain so you can get to healing!!

HaleyD said...

We're praying for the pain to decrease!!!!!!