Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Track STAR!

I did have my first chemo treatment yesterday. But before I tell about that, I wanted to tell about my amazing daughter, Caroline. Please forgive the blatant bragging to come . . .

We all know how smart Caroline is - qualifying for the gifted program as only one of three kindergartners in the entire school! Well, now she can add to her talents - track and field! On Sunday, the Future Olympians held a competition for all Forsyth elementary schools. Caroline competed against other first grade girls. I am so proud of her - she won First Place in the 25 meter dash,
First Place in the 100 meter dash, and First Place in the softball throw; and she won Second Place in the long jump. She came home with 4 medals jingling around her neck!

We knew she was a fast runner last spring when her softball teammates began calling her the "Golden Bullet" (she had a gold helmet and was quicker than anyone). So when we saw the flyer for the elementary track and field competition we were eager to see how she would do. Now we know we have a real athlete! So maybe if she doesn't get an academic scholarship, we can hope for an athletic one as a back up! She is amazing!!!

Okay, now for the chemo report. My first treatment was yesterday. We arrived about 10:00am and I finished at 3:30pm. A looooooong day! I was given several drugs before the chemo started - Benadryl and some anti-nauseau stuff. Then I started the Carboplatin and then the Taxol. The Benadryl was actually the worst! At first it made me sleepy like it does most people. Then I began to feel jittery and couldn't keep still. I've had this reaction to antihistamines before, but this was much worse. I didn't fall asleep at all like most of the other patients there even though I felt really tired. I just kept getting up to go to the bathroom, get a snack, anything to move around. Finally, the wiggles went away right at the end and I was able to do a crossword puzzle. I asked the nurse if the Benadryl was necessary and she said it was since my chemo dosage was so strong. I'm going to be prepared next time and take some anti-anxiety medicine beforehand.

When I came home I rested and slept just fine last night. Today has been good as well. I did take an unexpected nap this afternoon, just got sleepy all of a sudden. But I've been able to eat pretty well. The lack of taste has begun and it is really strange eating the same things but not tasting anywhere near the same! Everthing is like unsalted crackers or pretzels. I've heard that the third and fourth days after treatment are the worst, so I'm anxious to see how tomorrow goes. I do have a prescription here at home for nausea as a back up. Hopefully, I won't need it!

I got my hair cut this evening even shorter. Now I really look like Billy Idol! I've read that my hair will start coming out in maybe 14 days and it will happen quickly. With this short 'do it shouldn't come out in huge clumps and shouldn't be too shocking for the girls. I'll probably shave it when I get closer to bald. Anybody got any cute head wraps or hats I could borrow?

So that's about it - oh, John has finally stopped packing my incision. It has closed up enough that he's not able to stuff as much and it ends up falling out. I go back on Thursday to recheck my incision, so I'm hoping for a good report!

Thanks for checking in! Hope everything's well with all of you reading!


Vicki Tucker said...

Go Caroline!! Brains, beauty, and now this! Aren't y'all lucky? Glad to hear you got the first treatment over with. I'm going to bring you those audio books to keep you busy next time! Vicki

becca_lynn said...

Mama was bragging about Caroline when she called me on the way home from your house Sunday night. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. It seems like I'm always short of time lately . . . can't get anything done. (You should see my house. I know its my good Bannister genes at work - anxiety, depression - yay - we should call it the Bannister Cocktail!)

When I saw that picture I couldn't get over how much it made me think of you when we were kids. Remember that picture of our Pringle and Kool-aid picnic my daddy let us have in the backyard? Seems like yesterday, doesn't it?

Anyway . . . you are in my thoughts and prayers. I've said it before but I'll say it again and publically - YOU ARE MY HERO. You are the strongest person I know.

I'll see you soon.

Love ya!


Kelly B. said...

Hi there! Caroline is sooooo not a bragger! I will have to ask her about her big news tomorrow morning! You are such an inspiration Melinda! I can just see your face and expressions as I read your words! You are in our thoughts so often...I appreciate your willingness to share how things are going...I know it makes me feel closer to you to have specifics to add into prayer!
Love ya, Kelly B.
(the one that referred miss Caroline for the gifted program! :-) Ha! Ha!)

Dana (Hall) Baum said...

Go Caroline!

You're doing great, Melinda. I love having your blog here to check up on you. Continued prayers.

HaleyD said...

You both have earned some serious "atta girls!" Way to go, champs!!!

dawnslildarlin said...

WOW Caroline must get her grit from her mama! WTG Caroline!! That's awesome!!!

I'm so relieved for you that the first one is over. I also love being able to "check in" on you ;)

HUGS my dear! We're praying for you.