Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Endoscopy today

The gastro dr did an endoscopy this morning to see if there was anything going on in my stomach to explain the extreme pain. It just showed inflammation, nothing major stood out. He did take some biopsies and I go back in a week for those results. But I already had the PET scan and it didn't show anything suspicious in my abdomen. So, I'm thinking there's nothing there, just gastritis. When I got home, I had some yogurt and it settled fine. Then later, I had some strawberries and the pain was horrible!! It lasted most of the afternoon, even after taking Pepcids, Nexiums, and half a bottle of Maalox! It could be my stomach is just irritated from all the chemo. Maybe changing the drugs will help. For now, it looks like small, bland meals for me!

I also had an echocardiogram after the endoscopy to get a baseline score before starting the Doxil. In some cases, the drug can cause heart problems. All was good and I will start the Doxil on Monday. Since there has been a shortage of this drug, I will have to go to Dr. Salmieri's office in Lawrenceville for the infusion. The Northside office is out at the moment. This means no more luxury suite anymore. I'll be back in the one giant room with too close chairs in a circle and no TV. Once the Northside location gets the Doxil in, I can go back there. But since the treatment this time is only once every 28 days, it's not that big a deal. It's going to be so much nicer not to have to be in that chair every week like I have been for the past 7 months!!!

I also plan to see Dr. Levitt for a radiation consult. We're going to see if the spot in my pelvic bone can get radiation. More on that later.

In other news, we have a new addition to our family . . . Lily, the kitten. She is wonderful and we are loving having her. I have really missed having a cat since Chloe passed away last summer. Lily is the best medicine!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and is enjoying this cooler weather. Thanks for reading!!

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