Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uncle Bob

Has it been two weeks since my last post? Yep, I believe so. We've had a rather busy stressful last few days. As many of you know, John's oldest brother Bob has been battling cancer. He was diagnosed a year ago with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized and we were told he could go at any time. But he had a miraculous recovery and made it home 4 nights later. We actually received a photo of him sitting up and playing his guitar the night he got home. We were so amazed! That's why it was such a shock when we got a call the very next night that he had passed. He had another GI bleed and did not recover. It was 10pm on Tuesday and John had just gone back to work in NC. He started out right away and met up with me on the way and we went down together. For the next 2 days we stayed in MIlledgeville to help plan the arrangements. Then we came back to pick up the girls and spent the next 2 days down there for the services. It was a beautiful service. John spoke and expressed the simple life Bob led and his love of music and the outdoors. We all got to spend some wonderful time with family we rarely see. It's a shame that it takes an event like this to bring us together. But as Caroline said, we love our "country" family.

As for me, I have been feeling fine. I've been taking it easy, sitting around a lot, taking naps frequently, and pretty much not exerting myself at all. It's frustrating not being able to do things like I normally should be able to. But I just keep hoping that at some point I will get my energy back. I'm still on schedule with my chemo and I'm thankful to say that it really hasn't gotten me down at all. I don't have the "yuckies" like I did before which is an incredible blessing!

This wonderful weather has been huge in making me feel better. As I type right now, I am sitting on our back deck with the company of the girls and our dog, Penny. Rachel Rose has found an inchworm which she named, Greenie. Let's hope the poor thing finds his escape soon! As much as I would love to be down in the yard working, I know it's not the best thing for me. I'm all about the healing now and not putting any extra stress on my body. I did plant a few vegetables and they are doing really well. Even my strawberry plant from last year has come back and has made a few blooms. I hope we get some strawberries this year! The geese are back this year and we should see some little goslings soon. It's always fun to watch them. Usually, if we start feeding the mom and dad, the babies get used to us and will let us pet them. If anyone would like to come pet the geese or come fish in the pond, just give us a call. We'd love to have you!

Tomorrow is my last treatment for this first round, then I get a week off. I'm really hoping the cold caps keep working because my hair is really coming in. it's wavy again like it was last time it came back in. I've got these curly wispies flipping out all over. But I love it - it's hair!! It probably could use some color, the last I used made it orange. But I don't want to stress it any more than necessary. Plus, I've heard that chemo can have strange effects on hair color, wouldn't want to have purple hair or anything!

Well, Rachel Rose has decided to let Greenie go free. Very proud of her! We'll see what will be the next thing she's on to . . . there's no telling with that one!

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Dana Pearl said...

I was sorry to hear about Uncle Bob. If John approaches being a brother in the same way he approaches being a husband and father, I am sure Bob loved and adored John very much.

So awesome to hear the cold caps are working. Yes!

Inch along like the wind, Greenie, you're freeee!

Dana B.