Monday, March 28, 2011

Chemo, done!

Chemo went very well today. It was longer than I expected, 5 hours! But I'm hoping to get it down to 2 hours soon. My beloved nurse, Rosemary, was assigned to me today and that was a huge comfort. She knows me so well! She was as relieved as me that I have a port now. She was not looking forward to finding a vein today!

The port access went fine. I've heard it can be really painful since they have to press really hard with the needle to puncture the surface. And I only had mine put in last Wednesday and it hasn't healed all the way. But all things considered, it was a breeze. I think I figured out that I can deal with acute, sharp pains like needle sticks. It's the internal general ill feelings that are torture to me - nausea, achiness, flu-like stuff. It's then that I just want someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery!

Oh, and I did used the cold caps. They weren't as uncomfortable as I have been reading online, which makes me worry that they aren't going to work. Maybe next time I'll wet my hair first and use dry ice to get them even colder. I'm also going to start using ice packs on my eyes to try and save my lashes and brows. I'm going to look like a total idiot, but ask me if I care?!! Better to look like an idiot for an hour or two than to be bald 24/7!

I got through both drugs with no reactions, which is awesome!! And this evening, I had a great appetite. For dinner, we did a fun meal. We used one of our restaurant gift cards and just ordered a bunch of appetizers that we all shared. It was like party food for our own little private party! And now, I'm going for the ice cream for dessert! Oh yeaahhh!!!

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers for today - they worked!!! Of course they did, God is amazing!!


Haley D. said...

So happy to hear how well the day went! Celebrating with an appetizer party sounds very fun. God IS great!

Alisha Dawn said...

Happy happy happy to see this post! Thank you Lord!! Praying for you!

Sheila Craig said...

Matthew told me that you visited them yesterday and he was soo happy to see you and this is what he said, "Ms. Melinda got hair".Well, good to hear you are doing well.God is good!