Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr. appointment

I had my regular appt with Dr. Salmieri today and I'm feeling pretty good about everything. He agreed I should wait one more week before my next treatment to give my counts a chance to come back up. From now on, I'll get a Neupogen shot after every treatment. This will hopefully prevent my white blood cells from dropping too low.

He explained that the reason the tumor board recommended this line of chemo (Avastin and Abraxane) was because the cancer was now in my lungs. He said it's more of a last line of defense, but they wanted to go ahead and give me the big guns now. There still other chemos that I haven't tried yet, Topotecan and Doxil, to name a few. But I'm hoping this current round is going to knock it all out once and for all!!! AMEN!!!

I complained to him about the cough and the breathlessness. He said that goes along with the lung issues. Dr. DeMarco, the lung dr., tried some different inhalers and breathing treatments, but none really worked that great. I guess it's just something I'm going to have to manage on my own. For now, that means frequent breaks to catch my breath and just plain not doing alot. I really miss working in the yard. May sound crazy, but I love yardwork!!! Trimming, edging, planting, weeding - my idea of fun! I am still going to put some annuals in my planters, not going to let cancer prevent my botanical garden on the deck!

Mom has been staying with us when John is away, even though I am able to manage pretty well on my own. I try to tell her so, but she insists on staying. And who am I to turn down free help!!! God bless my Mama!!

Gotta run get the girls off the bus now!


Becca Lynn said...

Dropping in to say "hey." I've been in one of those glorious "valleys" the past few months. I heard through the "Mama-vine" last night that you were feeling good. Yippie! I'm crawling out of my winter hiberation - otherwise known as depression - that other lovely genetic present we inherited right?!?! Love ya!

Abby said...

Hi Ms. Melinda, my daughter Ireland is in Mr. Jasons class. She has asked several times over the last few weeks how you were doing. I have given her some very basic details but wanted you to know that you have a bunch of "mini" cheerleaders praying that you are doing well!

Abby Collins