Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Melinda

Hello All,

This post is going to be a little bit different, as Melinda is currently not feeling her best. So I, John, am going to update you of what is going on.

As many of you know, Melinda had her first treatment of "Round number three" this past Friday. The combination of chemo drugs were administered and we knew fairly early on that she was having difficulty tolerating them. Melinda, however, was determined to complete the infusions, return home, and start feeling better. Unfortunately, Melinda began to feel progressively worse the days that followed and ultimately had to be admitted to the hospital today. Her oncologist made the decision this morning at her regularly scheduled appointment. We all agreed that this was best, and I am now happy to report that she is feeling much better.

Many are already attempting to contact us regarding where she is and how the meal calendar will continue. Melinda is at Northside Forsyth Hospital, Cumming GA in room #5065. Yes, we will continue with the meal calendar as scheduled as the girls, myself, and other caregivers will be at the home. The meals will be a help with all that is going on. Melinda will likely be hospitalized at least through the weekend. She is scheduled to have another treatment this Friday and will be monitored closely there after.

Finally, Melinda would like everyone to know that her spirits are high and she is determined more than ever to do what ever it takes to beat this. Our entire family is grateful for all of the support we have received. Whether it's a kind word, note, card, meal, or prayers we are grateful to all of you.

-The Young Family


Haley D. said...

You ALL remain in our prayers!

Paige Philyaw Limbo said...

Melinda & John-

You and your family have been a part of my daily prayers. I read the blog on a daily basis to keep up and I cannot begin to put into words how I admire your strength and your faith. If anyone can beat this Melinda, you can. I am only a phone call or an email away and want to help in any way that I can. 404-395-4960

Paige Limbo

Veronica Vogt said...

Hi, John-
I have been following Melinda's blog as I have been on my own journey with chemo. she is an inspiration. I have finished my 6th and last treatment and am now hoping to heal and gain strength. I will continue to follow Melinda and pray for all of you.
Veronica Vogt

Haley D. said...

Hi John and Melinda! I hope that you found the package I left on the front porch today.