Monday, March 14, 2011

Back home . . . feels great!!

I came home yesterday from my lovely stay at Northside Forsyth. I feel soooo much better just being out of that place!!! Not that the nurses and staff weren't wonderful, they were amazing! And the room was super nice. I just hate being in the hospital! The needles, the lumpy bed, the smells, the confinement . . . it's torture! I am vowing to do everything possible to stay out of there from now on!

The thinking is that the chemo combination I had was too much. I was already run-down and not feeling great when I had it, and I just went downhill from then. My blood counts got really low and I got dehydrated from not being able to eat or drink anything. In the hospital, they gave me fluids round the clock and medicines to bump up my blood counts. Then yesterday, they decided to give me 2 blood transfusions. The sweet nurse was so anxious to get me home, she rushed everything. And I appreciated it so much because we got home before 8pm and the girls got to bed at their regular bedtimes. I got a shower to wash away the hospital cooties and curled up on my couch to spend the rest of the evening in my own home! Ahhhhh!

Today I am feeling good. I was able to eat breakfast without much nausea which is huge!!! As much as I have been wanting to lose 20 pounds, this was not the way to do it! It can be scary to go days without eating anything. John went to the grocery store and stocked us up on healthy snacks, fresh fruit, and some Boost drinks. My goal is to eat SOMEthing at every meal.

I wish I could thank every single person individually for all the help and prayers and well wishes I've received. Maybe soon I will be able to. But for now, just know that I am grateful for each of you. It overwhelms me to know how many people are thinking of me and my family. We are so blessed.

Tomorrow Dr. S is going to discuss my case with the tumor council of doctors to decide what plan to take. He is thinking of changing my drug to a different chemo. So for now, I wait to hear from him. And enjoy this beautiful day. God is giving me a special homecoming!


Haley D. said...

So so glad you're home!!! Now the real healing can begin. Definitely sunnier skies ahead!

Dana Baum said...

Thank you for the update, Melinda! So many of us have been waiting to hear. So glad you are home and eating!