Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cancer is like a plague

I did get my port put in this morning. Everything went fine, John and I even went to eat lunch at O'Charley's afterward (thanks to a gift card!). I don't remember it very much since I was still sooooo sleepy. But the port has not bothered me too much, just a little sore. It's still bandaged so I don't have to look at it yet. Monday is my treatment day and they'll take off the bandage then to access it. I'm anticipating an easy day of it with the new port and new meds. I'm hoping to breeze right through it!

I've been trying really hard to take it easy so that my strength is built up enough to tolerate the chemo on Monday. I DO NOT WANT to end up in the hospital again!!! I'll have my blood drawn on Friday probably and they'll decide then if I'm good to go or not.

This weekend John is going to visit his older brother Bob, who also has cancer. I wanted to go with him, but since it is a 4-hour trip, I'd probably better stay home and keep resting up for Monday. Bob has stage 4 esophogeal cancer that has spread to several other organs. He has had a really hard time tolerating chemo, so they've decided to give him a break from it. He's in the very advanced stages and feels terrible. I've only had a taste of the misery cancer causes, Bob has been dealing with it for months now. I know how unending it can seem when you're in the midst of the pain. He just wants some relief. We would appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers for his peace and comfort. I have some incredible prayer warriors in all of you! I'd like to share with Uncle Bob!

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