Friday, February 25, 2011

Not my first rodeo

I did see the lung dr and he did a bronchoscopy on Thursday. This is a procedure where they put a scope into my lungs and take fluid and tissue samples to biopsy. He called today with the results - the cancer has spread into my lungs like we thought. My oncologist wants me to start chemo next week. This new regimen will be 2 drugs on week one (Gemzar and Cisplatin), one drug on week two (Gemzar), then weeks 3 and 4 are off. I'll do this for the next 6 months. Thankfully, I shouldn't lose my hair this time. But I will have the same nausea and "yuckies" to get through.

I'm actually feeling pretty yucky already. I still have this awful cough that has made my entire torso hurt. And my oxygen level is low so I have shortness of breath and I can't do anything without huffing and puffing. The lung dr gave me an inhaler to use, so maybe that will help. He was a really serious guy and I appreciate him putting a rush on everything. He asked if it was okay to call me if the news was bad or would I rather come in to hear it in person. I said a phone call was fine, I'd heard the same news before. This wasn't my first rodeo, unfortunately.

So now I'm gearing up for my next "rodeo." I've got my vitamins and supplements stocked up. I'm planning my diet with good foods. Got my support system ready and waiting. And I'm surrounding myself with positive, inspirational messages. I've made up cards with healing scriptures that I read out loud as often as I can. I believe God will be the one to make me better. He will use the doctors and the drugs, but it will be His Will that ultimately makes it happen. I feel confident and assured that I am in Good Hands for this next part of my journey. In the words of Spongebob Squarepants, "I'm ready, I'mmm ready, I'mmmmmm ready!"


Alisha Dawn said...

Melinda you are AMAZING and STRONG! You ARE ready girl! My grandmother is responding wonderfully to her chemo to treat her lungs. I hope for you to have the same results! Do you happen to have the devotional "Jesus Calling?" Its an amazing devotional. Let me know if you have it. If you don't I'll try to get one to you :)

DJ said...

Melinda- God will get you through this. The inspirational sayings is an awesome idea. A cancer book that was written 20 years ago, and sadly no longer in print, said that having the positive and inspirational sayings all over the house and in the car and reading them repeatedly helps the body think not only positively, but healthy. It has been shown that laughter helps produce the body's own cancer fighting cells, knocking out cancer cells. So while you are feeling yucky, we need to be sure you have lots of comedies to watch. We are here with you all the way back to health. You are still my hero. May our amazing God heal you SOON! Love you. DJ

Anonymous said...

Melinds, Sorry to hear it spread to lungs. I went trhough Gemzar _ Carboplatin chemo and found it relatively easier to tolerate. I could control nausea with ginger pieces dipped in lime juice. I also drank papaya leaf extract to improve platelet count.
Good luck,

Connie said...

Melinda, in response to "Not my first rodeo," OK cowgirl, hold on tight, know you are loved and being thought of by people you don't know, like me, who are sending you prayers and good wishes. CL

Charles & Judy said...

I'm writing your name on a piece of paper and placing it in my Bible because I know your name and you are always safe in His hands. You are amazing and we'll pray for your well being.

Karen Lindsey said...

Don't know you, but promise to lift you up in prayer! I love your faith, your attitude and your sense of "Spongebob" humor!

God is your Man! I believe!

Megan Westervelt told me about your journey.... You will be prayed for by the "Warriors" of Ronnie's Life Ministry!

Hugs, love and healing prayers, Melinda!

Karen Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Melinda, Marty shared your blog site with me. I am so glad that I can keep up with you. I know that your Pre-K team and children miss you, but I do know that you made the right decision. You need to take care of yourself! Focus on healing and family. You are in my daily prayers. Take care.
Judy Carter (Ga. Pre-K)