Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Healing is my job now!

Well, I finally made the difficult decision to stop teaching. It was not easy, but with the development of cancer in my lungs, it was like a wake-up call that I need to rethink my priorities. As much as I love my students, my co-workers, and teaching itself, working full-time is an added stressor. It had become more and more exhausting these past few weeks. And I felt like I wasn't able to give 100% of myself anymore. To be fair to everyone, it was best that I stopped.

So my little munchkins are now in the loving and capable hands of my assistant, Ms. Amanda. She is an amazing teacher and I feel so lucky that she is able to take over for me. She will be great!

Now my job is HEALING. I plan to focus all my energy on my health and giving this chemo a chance to work. I got the call today that I will go for my first treatment on this new regimen this coming Tuesday. I'll go in at 8:30 and should be there about 5 hours. John is going with me and will stay all day. Since one of the drugs is a new one I haven't had before, there is a chance of having a reaction to it. I've had a reaction before, and they can be pretty scary. I'll feel better knowing he is there with me.

I'm actually looking forward to this first treatment. I am hoping it will help with my breathing. I've never had asthma or breathing problems before and I know have more sympathy for those who do. Suffocating is a horrible sensation!!!

Some people have asked if I plan to start the meal calendar again. Probably, so. It just might be a while before it is up and running. I already appreciate all the offers to help! But really, the biggest way to help is to pray. God has the power to heal me and He will if only we ask him!


Haley D. said...

You are definitely getting prayers daily from my family and me, plus several prayer warriors I know. We love you and are cheering you on all the way to victory! Go, Melinda, go! Focusing on healing sounds like the best decision for right now. This isn't forever, it's just for right now. You'll see those smiling face again before you know it.

Natalie Mishoe said...

Our family and friends are praying for you you, Melinda! You're an amazing person and you can beat this. Please focus on yourself, you've done so much for others, and our children. They love you and adore you!

Sheila Craig said...

Melinda, me and my family are praying for you. I believe you have a faith as small as a mustard seed that can move mountains...just keep that faith and I believe that God will heal you.

DJ said...

We pray for you constantly. I'm available to take you for chemo and sit with you once John is gone. I'm happy to read to you, talk, or just sit and be quiet. If you want books to read, movies to watch, or anything else, let me know. I'm available, as you know! love.

DJ said...

Oh, yeah, and I'll even massage your feet!

Anonymous said...

Ms Melinda

I had to take a moment to share how awesome I think you are & the impact you made on my little munchkin! Maleah truly adores you. We explained very simply your abscence & she said "I am going to marry her"! It was just the sweetest thing & had to share with you.
We are praying for you!!!

Amanda Davis