Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waiting til Monday . . .

Yesterday, John and I met with Dr. McLaughlin again. After finding out my CA125 is up to 40, I decided to go ahead with the Cyberknife option. But when I told Dr. M that my level is rising, he gave me some disappointing info. He said his gut is telling him that there is more cancer than just the two lymph nodes . . . he said if there were just those 2 nodes, my levels would be remaining near the same, but with a marked increase it's indicative of more cancer. It's just not showing up yet on scans. Great.

He's going to talk with Dr. Salmieri on Monday and the two of them will decide the best next course of treatment. He said he could go ahead and do Cyberknife on the two nodes and knock them out of the way. Then I might need more chemo if my CA125 doesn't go down after that.

I am praying that his "gut" is wrong, and it is the two nodes alone that are causing my numbers to go up. And that the Cyberknife treatment alone will put me back in remission. Anything is possible, God is still the God of miracles!

I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers! So so so much!!

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DJ said...

I want to cuss right now. I pray that the cyberknife is the answer and it will eradicate those @#$% cancer cells. Keep me posted. Do you need any dinners? I'm available. I love you and wish it were me instead of you going through this. It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't have two small children that would be going through this. It's just wrong. That will be the first question I'm asking God when I get there, "Why does cancer happen to the good people?" Know you can call anytime if you need to vent or scream or cry or whatever.