Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling more hopeful

I had my appt today with Dr. Salmieri today and I'm feeling a little more hopeful. He explained that the lymph nodes lighting up in my abdomen are not new, they were there originally. And they are going away. They may just need a little more time to get rid of entirely. Or, they may need more chemo (blech!!). I am going for a biopsy tomorrow to see if they are "necrotic" meaning dying, or if they are still active. After those results, Dr. S said he would feel more confident about making a decision regarding my future treatments (or lack thereof!!).

He said there is a possibility of radiation to those nodes, specifically the "cyberknife." But, since the nodes are right in the center of my chest/top of my stomach, the radiation would have to go through some major organs and I might have some bad effects. If it's anything like my throat was, I might want to pass on the radiation. He said one patient of his had part of her intestines burned away and had to have general surgery to resect them - yikes!

So it's more wait and see. The biopsy results will take a few days, so I probably won't find anything out until after the weekend.

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