Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So - Caroline and Rachel Rose both have strep throat! Not confirmed, but just by looking I can see the telltale signs. Caroline has been running a fever, Rachel Rose not yet. Tomorrow I plan to take them both to the doc before I have my blood drawn. And John, who is still in NC, is now thinking his sore throat and headache may be related. If I get sick from them, then it will be no chemo for me on Thursday. The blood tests will decide.

I heard back from Dr. S today and he has decided to change my chemo from the Carboplatin (which I reacted to) to Cisplatin. The nurse told me it's just as good, except it has more side effects. She said to expect more nausea. Super. She prescribed an anti-nausea patch that I will wear for a week. It's supposed to be stronger than the Zofran I was taking. Let's hope so!

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who offered to help with the yardwork. We have it covered - thank you, Bart and Melissa!!! And a yummy thank you to Elizabeth. Dinner was delicious and so were the 31 bags!!! You really shouldn't have, but I do LOVE them!

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Elizabeth said...

so glad you love the 31 bags! I am still awaiting the arrival of my beach bad so I almost kept yours - LOL :-) maybe you can use to tote things back and forth to the chemo-spa.
I wish we'd had a chance to visit and so i could give you a BIG HUG and i hope the food made it okay sitting in the cooler. I was guessing you would be back pretty close to 5:30-6 so thought it was okay. Was a little worried about the Go-Gurt though....

What can we do to help you manage the girls while they are sick? We dont want you to get it too, anything we can do?

Anyone reading this, Melinda told me that she needs lemons by the box since they are really helping her with the nausea...so perhaps we could all just start dropping them off when we run to the store ;-)

Keep on "Fighting Like a Girl!" Every day i sone step closer to God's Healing!