Sunday, July 11, 2010

My church

I hate to say it, but honestly, we are not regular church-goers. It's not that I don't want to be. I actually get a lot of inspiration from the messages and soak up the atmosphere of a beautiful sanctuary. I really can't give any good excuses for not going to church regularly, except to say that I get as much, if not more, inspiration and peace from a quiet Sunday morning in my backyard. I love my backyard, my deck particularly. Sitting outside with my flowers, the birds, my dogs, the occasional daughter that wanders out with me - it's church to me. I can look out at the lake through the trees or the blue sky above and feel the strongest connection with God and all His glory. When there's a breeze I feel like He's reaching out to me. I talk with Him while I'm out here. I pour out my worries and we work on the best way for me to handle them. I also pour out my thanks for all the good He has done in my life. It is my sanctuary, my haven, my favorite place to be - it's my own personal church. And I'm so glad it's in the shade! :-)

This weekend has been good. The extra dose of steroid I received on Thursday to counteract the allergic reaction put me on a high that lasted until Saturday! I went for 36 hours with 3 hours sleep. My last radiation treatment was Friday morning (woo hoo!) and afterward the girls and I celebrated by going to the movies and then shopping. I gotta say, 3D animated kids movies are so much more entertaining when you're tripping on drugs! Not that I'm recommending that!!

The nausea has been practically nil this time (again, thank you extra drugs!), but I've had a twinge here and there just enough to keep me from having the raging appetite that normally comes with the steroids. I was expecting my hair to begin coming out this weekend based on my first experience. But nope, not yet. What if it magically doesn't fall out this time?! What if I am the rare case that loses all of it the first time, but none at all during the second? Not likely, but one can hope . . . I've got a couple headcovers ready and waiting.

So John is going to be gone all week most likely. Big week at the club - "Member Guest Tournament"!! I remember early in our marriage, when we first began experiencing the "Member Guest" phenomenon. I had no idea what I had signed up for. It's like the Master's on steroids! Busy, stressful, busy, exhausting, and busy! But it always ends with a big, fancy dinner where I get to wear a pretty dress and have a date with my sweetie. Small price to pay for time alone with my hottie husband! The bad thing is the dinner is on Saturday and that's usually my "yucky day" after my Thursday treatment, so I probably won't be able to make it this year. Makes me sad, especially since it's a great opportunity to spend an evening with our amazing Cullasaja family who have been so wonderful to us. I guess I'll send my best regards to them through John and we'll have a date night some other time. Or, I could ask for extra steroids during my treatment again and go anyway flying high as a kite!!!

But this brings me to the yardwork. Since John is not available this week, I would like to ask if anyone can refer us to a lawn company that could do a one-time mow and trim? Just the basics, nothing fancy, we just want to keep the grass below the dogs' nose levels! Thanks!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


DJ said...

Melinda- We use Mark Meade Landscaping to take care of our yard since Ed can't do it anymore. They are wonderful. They've been through the cancer ordeal numerous times with their oldest son, who is now well, married, and amazing. I'll give them a ring in the morning and have them come out and do it.

Julie W. said...

Andy could do the yard for you! Let me know!