Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Had a great 4th!

Back from the mountains last night. Do you love the 4th of July makeover I got while I was there? Rachel Rose does wonders!!

We had a great time, here are some photos http://picasaweb.google.com/young1710/4thOfJuly2010#. The fireworks in Highlands were amazing as usual. I have to thank all the people at Cullasaja who helped out with the girls all week long. And for all the other things they have done for us these past few weeks - the cards, the gifts, the prayers, all the thoughtful gestures. We truly have an extended family up there!

And then when we got home, we found an immaculate house! And dinner waiting in the fridge! Thanks to my dear friends here at home. I have never felt so blessed. Except for this cancer thing, life is good!

Quick update on the cancer thing - nausea was much better this time. I stayed ahead of it with pills round the clock. Saturday and Sunday were the worst, but they were by far better than last time! My biggest complaint now is my throat. The radiation is making it sore and hard to swallow. You know how you feel when you're trying not to cry and you get that lump in your throat? I have that feeling. It's so annoying! Hopefully, this is my last week for rads (that's the cool way we cancer people abbreviate!) and my throat will be able to get better.

Have a great week everyone!

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Haley D. said...

You look mah-velous, dah-ling!

What wonderful news that you had a great time and the nausea is more manageable. Hope you have a great week too. It is supposed to be hot, so stay inside and hydrated. Would smoothies go down easier?