Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd chemo down, 16 more to go

First, I just want to let y'all know I did not glow last night when the lights went out. I know y'all were worried! :)
So today was Chemo #2 and I did not get a window seat. But that's okay, I can't be the princess every time. I did get the same nurse, Rosemary, who is the sweetest lady. Every time she came to do something, she would ask, "Can I get you anything? A warm blanket, something to drink?" Around noon, she came to see if I would like a box lunch. Sure! So there I sat, no reclined, with a cozy warm blanket on my lap, 2 different drinks, my remote control to my own TV, and a lovely turkey on wheat with chips and cookies. Ahhhh . . . wonder if they have massage around anywhere, maybe a pedicure?
The treatment was fine. My blood counts are still good. She got a vein right away for the IV. And drugs went in like normal. The man in the cubicle next to me had a reaction to one of his drugs and broke out in hives. I felt so bad for him and so lucky for me. At least chemo is manageable for me, other people have fewer options.
The Benadryl hit me pretty hard today. I got real woozy and sleepy, but if I dozed off, I would jerk awake with the jittery/antsy/"restless leg syndrome" wiggles. It was a battle of involuntary reflexes.
It took a long time again. I got there at 9:40 and left at 2:20. I went straight over to radiation and they said my "color looked off". I looked at the mirror in the changing room and I looked gray, grayish-yellow, and I had dark circles under my eyes. Fabulous! Can't wait for the hair to fall out! Gray, dark circles, bald, no eyebrows - I'm sure that's what all the celebrities will be looking like this fall, right?!
I thought about going ahead and cutting and coloring my hair for fun. But you know, I like my hair as it is because right now it is totally natural. I'm going to miss my hair. I haven't even gotten it grown out to the point I want it yet. Still won't make a proper ponytail. But I have been looking at hats and the little cadet caps out in stores are really cute, I even saw a plaid one! I like hats.
We're going up to NC to spend the Fourth with John at his club. Gonna be tons'o'fun! And no nauseau, I forbid it! Have a great holiday everybody!

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Julie W. said...

Hair can be okay, but in this summer's heat--it is really more of a hassle. You'll be setting an easy-to-take-care-of, cooler trend. Not to mention, not having to shave your legs during shorts season is really not a bad option. You'll end up in People magazine with your micro bikini (no waxing needed!), big sunglasses, floppy beach hat, and summer reading book in your hand as you lay by the pool at the club. We hope you remember us little people when you are immensely famous and everyone is copying your look...

Have a fun weekend!